Angel Olsen 2019

Just sorted floated over me this morning, pleasant enough, but…

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I love this!

Weird coincidence that Ben Babbitt is involved considering that my first impression of Intern was that it reminded me of his Kentucky Route Zero soundtrack

This isnt a second proper listen rn but I’ve got it on again rn and theres some really nice stuff hitting rn

“rn” I’m such a millennial and I despise myself

Chance is just sumptuous. Mmmm

The new album is the first of her’s that I’ve sat down and listened to - absolutely entranced, it’s gorgeous! Up there with Little Simz for first listens this year :heart:

this for me too, will give it a few more listens but it doesn’t seem to be hooking me, other than Spring which is a cracker

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The new album has grown on me and whilst there are some bits that still kinda wash over, there is some fantastic songwriting too.
Chance, particular, is a fucking terrific send off. Could have been written by Edith Piaf or something. Song of the year for me

Like the album but a Little surprised by this, early days I know.

Can no longer go to the Glasgow show :slightly_frowning_face:. Can I interest anyone in 2x tickets?

*14th Feb

ha, me too. you gonna be in amsterdam as well?! :wink:

Nah, I got to play a gig. What’s happening in Amsterdam?

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Trade show thursday/friday
Party Friday/saturday

where’s yer gig?

She played the Empire up here last time and it was full and great but some guy down the front seemed to be annoying her all night. I was too far away to know what was going on but seemed something like maybe he was singing along too loudly and putting her off? So she asked him nicely if he could stop and then had to keep asking him repeatedly every couple of songs to stop whatever he was doing and getting more pissed off with him as the night went on. So she might not be in a rush to come back here either.

Annoyed I missed this one.

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ISE? You in the AV industry?

Playing tuts opening for Departures last show. Bear Arms playing too. Going to be fucking great.

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Do you know this show?! Yeah Events/AV

Yeah, been to it a couple of times. Usually for the full week and it’s exhausting. Used to work for an audio manufacturer, now work for a distributor of various AV gear. Thankfully not going this year. It’s a good show but fuck me is it tiring!