Anglos a first March Sunday


Not feeling too great this morning but hoping its down to lack of sleep and not being ill. Got 6 hours on a train (whyyyyyy) and nearly 2 hours on buses so pull yourself together please body.

Got a date with Adrienne Lenker tonight and i believe some snogging is on the cards too (not with AL but I’m open to it) so I’m pretty excited tbh.

Might wear my new shoes. Will report back in when I’ve broken my ankle tonight.


Also had a dream that Bones broke into my flat to steal a princess dress but when i turned the light on he was actually half armadillo and half white racoon, very wild and had been made by stuffed toy company Jellycat and i didnt know how to react to any of that tbh.


No snogs til Thursday

For me. Yous can snog sooner if you wish

Cant believe how tiring just being around kids is. 7pm felt like midnight. But powered through to 10pm with rum and cherry coke.

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I read this like the Beastie Boys


\ \ \ \Angggglosssssss/ / / /
Can’t remember the last time I had a snog! Awesome. Have fun

Woke up bushy-tailed and with an email from the National Lottery… £5 and a lucky dip
(closer to a million would have been better, but hey, not complaining)

Had a lovely night of no booze, pizza and West Side Story

Tea, book and more films today

Woke up early as usual and the desire for coffee quickly won over the need for more sleep.

Anglos Inthedusk, morning everyone who isn’t a member of TeamSnog. I’m in the launderette because my washing machine is spannered, reading a guide on how to build email newsletters. Glamorous LME lifestyle, my arse.

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Anglos a Sunday!

Off to do Junior ParkRun this morning. We haven’t done it since January what with weather and illness and stuff. Then this afternoon we’re off to Lewes for the MiL’s birthday.

Very little in the way of snogs amongst all that

Morning all!

It’s nice to see an Anglos thread - shame Scout isn’t here to see it.

I’m only just up and haven’t had breakfast yet.

We’re going out for another birthday meal with Wor Lass’s family. There is low key tension in the house because neither of us can really be bothered to tidy up but we can’t accept guests until we have done some tidying up.

I should probably do some work too.


Up before 7am, but another early night.
Finished playing a game with the kids which is essentially dodge ball where I throw a selection of foam balls at them. I smashed a picture frame with glass everywhere throwing my “power ball” when we played few days ago.
Now they are obsessed with playing it all the time, probably in the hope something similar happens.



Sacked off some massive bike ride this morning and am still in bed.

Also feel like I might be getting a cold? Not good.

Otherwise fine.

Anglos Anglos my lovelies

Up and fake bacon, scrambled egg, tomatoes and toast eaten.

Got to do some work, watch some football, walk dog and make something excellent for dinner.


Up early cause I can’t sleep when I’ve been drinking. My hen do was much fun though and everyone got along which was v nice! It was the very chilled non cheesy hen do vibe that I wanted. No strippers or inflatable willies FYI @keith

My friend stayed over so we’ll chill this morning, maybe go get coffee, then I will see if bf wants to go out for food :heart:

@inthedusk i wore my closed toed Lotta’s out all day yesterday without any issues! You’ll be ok!


I am really glad and didn’t expect it to be any other way.


I made and ate an omelette, also made a pot of tea, about to walk the dogs, then got the pure bliss of a few hours birdwatching time to myself. Can’t decide where to go! Sea or forest?

I went out last night and played darts. It very much helps being the sober driver at these types of events.

This morning I slept on the couch and now to chores, maybe walk the dog, and then my aunt is coming over as turned 60 earlier in the week.

Actually, probably better get busy now tbh


My blocked nose/sore throat/bit of a cough that I seem to have had on and off for about 2 weeks has come back again this morning. Better do another corvid test, I suppose.

Nowt planned but for a dog walk.

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Good start to today ngl


I can hear my downstairs neighbour snoring and I’m mostly jealous that they’re still asleep tbh

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Yep yep