Anglos a Sunday and a surprise inside...

An extra bank holiday on 8th May :partying_face:

Then abolish the monarchy on 9th :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

What’s going on today dis? Had a dream about a tortoise that detected alien insects. Lying in bed still, toast soon


Just seen an otter


Hej Scout :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Finally feeling a bit settled in the new place (after 5 days)

(me & Shades watching Goodfellas last night)

A busy Sunday:

Just dropped the 9yo at the gymnastics hall. She has a competition today that I’m coming back in a couple of hours to see

Then I have a recording session with a jazz singer all afternoon

Then we have a few friends of my tv coming over this evening as it’s her birthday tomorrow

I might make a roast as well depending on the recording session

Gonna kill an hour or so by having a walk & coffee rn&


Morning @Scout, morning everyone.

Beautiful morning here so thought I’d get out with the dog. Lots of deer, two Sparrowhawk, one eating a pigeon, and the best views of an otter I’ve had in years!

Got some work to do, need to tidy the house, want to do a 10k run, and need to do some pre- move clearing out as well.

Anyone made their Christmas cakes yet?


I think Dr Mrs Epimer has, but I’m not kept informed of the schedule because I can’t be trusted to know that there’s that much marzipan in the house.


Still in bed.

Saw fireworks and donkeys yesterday. Pretty neat.

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Really want a pastry and or hash browns and a coffee and i have NONE of these things and i live in a weird cafe black hole

Don’t know why I’m awake.

Morning all

Sitting on the sofa having a cuddle with the dog, awaiting the Ocado man.

Will take the furry boy for a walk once the shopping has been delivered.

Going out for a roast with parents this afternoon.

Might have a bath this evening.

That is my Sunday.

There are two half-formed jokes to be made here:

  • you’re awaiting the Ocado man to join you and the dog for a cuddle
  • the Ocado man is hairy and you’re going to pop a collar and lead on him and take him for his daily walk.

Morning, about to head out to walk around Hanbury Hall gardens before a Sunday roast out with a few friends not seen for a while so looking forward to it. Hoping the rain holds until the pub.

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Just about to head into work. Harrumph. Listening to a playlist I made @Funkhouser a few months ago. It’s really lovely. If anyone wants a playlist, hmu yeah


Bacon sandwich and a cup of tea in bed. Have absolutely loved the relentless piss down this weekend and listening it all on the window knowing I don’t need to leave the flat. Delicious.


In so much pain for laying insulation in the loft yesterday. That is not a big lads game at all.
Gonna go on strike for stacking and emptying dishwasher as I am the only one that does it #strikeaction
Got to think of somewhere to take youngest for the day, preferably not some soft play hell.


It’s my 36th birthday today. Currently having coffee in bed while mini scoots and rolls around next to me.

Not sure what to do today, cant work out what the weather is going to be like. Would like to go and do something i reckon though. Then maybe lunch out or takeaway tea. Undecided.

Might have a nice soak in the bath at some point. Maybe some fizzy wine tonight too.


Happy cakes :birthday: :moon_cake: :fish_cake: :pancakes: :cupcake: :cake: :birthday:


Really good playlist. Still listen to it regularly.

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Alright? Went to sleep with a bad headache and woken up with it too. Today is our 8th wedding anniversary so I will be cooking something nice and I think we’re gonna play this true crime game thing I bought ages ago.


Dreamt that I read an article in the independent called “Internetter Bamnan owed millions for chin!”

Turns out my mspaint drawing of xylo had become a cultural icon sort of like minions or something called “chin” and was seen everywhere.


Happy anniversary.

Interested in this game

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