Anglos a Sunday and a surprise inside...

It’s this:

Got to watch CCTV footage and all kinds of fancy things.


Never been to Hanbury Hall, but I do like the church perched at the top of the (steep) hill.

Just voluntarily said m’s friend could come over at 1pm for their sleepover today rather than a sensible time like 5 or 6pm. Might get a bottle of wine in for 2pm.


Speaking to The Guardian in November 2013, Waterman explained “I loved acid house and trance. I just absolutely adored it.”

Pete Waterman reckons he loved acid house and trance

Finally got me some covid. As does mrs stack. Thought that reaction to my booster was a bit extreme this week.

Actually feeling marginally better than I did the last few days, long may this continue.

Wee ‘uns seem alright, though testing mini is going to be virtually impossible.

Cracking walk by the water. Gonna roast something later probably.


Morning. I’ve got a cough and sore throat but we are going to the botanic Gardens and doing some shopping.

Fireworks were immense.



Had a fun time at Mutations - no Glastonbury joy though :pensive:

Slow start, how’s it nearly noon already? I’ve been up since 8:30. going to make a homemade sausage and egg McMuffin facsimile and a coffee in a sec,

Cooking for kids this eve, prob roast chicken


This was first thing i said to gf when she woke up ans she said ‘do you check for new bank holidays every morning?’

Seinfeld, coffee, burrito, book, records so far

Was gonna cinema later but been called off. Might see soemthing solo instead? Friend mentioned lunch but feel like he won’t be out the house in time

Up early to workout and then a quick shop coz got mum coming over for Sunday lunch. doing some food prep now.

It’s nice being able to do this as a little family of three now. Mum still finding it weird being somewhere new so trying to do stuff like this to help her take root in Eltham


Back home again after our trip to Lewes. Taking a seven year along completely takes away all the fun stuff I used to do in Lewes when I was child free. Drinking all day? Nope. Standing far too close to burning flames and bangers? Nope. Watching fireworks displays at 10.30pm? Nope. All that on top of it being cold wet and miserable, and a healthy dose of feeling claustrophobic staying with the in laws.

On the sofa now with Star Wars on. Bacon sandwiches for lunch in a bit


Liked for the being back bit.


Got up, went to church saw my adorable nice and nephew.
Took dog out, got soaked, went to Sainsbury’s, got soaked.

Home for olive bread and brie, think MrS is making tea now with an almond slice.

Then it’s work, football, burgers for tea.

Wearing an excellent new jumper though


Happy birthday @sine_wave ! Hope you’re getting spoiled rotten.

Did a run, not quite a full 10k but not far off. Been to the shop to get the requisite business for Christmas cakes. Now made the first step, which is to soak the dried fruits in lemon and orange juice and a load of sherry. House smells amazing as a result. Doing 2 as per, one for us and one for the MiL.


This afternoon so far has been spent taking up the old carpet in the spare room and - once the torrential rain stopped - going to the tip to get rid of it.

Apparently we might have house guests later who’ll be bringing cake. This afternoon is looking up

Yeah, that’s no fucking craic. I’m the loft person in my extended family, perils of being nine stone and built like a twig means I have to do every fucking job in one. MIL’s house was getting rewired last year and I had to clear two attics in thirty degree heat on my own. Nightmare.

This Post Paid For By PROF$.

GWS boss! :fist: :fist:

This Post Paid For By PROF$.


Would you look at that


Got shoe cleaning supplies, new album, electronic scales months after our last ones broke, and had a catch up with an old friend. Maybe attempt a tagine this evening for the first time

Call that a solid sunday