Anglos a Sunday for September


Got my bimonthly frozen shoulder/trapped nerve/whatever it is that’s plagued me for the last 10 years. Can’t stand up straight this time for some reason. It’s good getting old, isn’t it?

Work soon. What about you guys?

What’s for breakfast?

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Hehe look at these dickheads


Morning :wave:

Coffee and apple turnover for breakfast.

Today I’m going to a food fair, catching a train home then watching sport on TV .

Hope the injury goes away :grimacing: got a favour to ask you. Will message you later

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Get better very soon.

I’m off to work too. My second 12 hour shift of the weekend. (Still better than my last job though.)

Breakfast will be just a coffee at the canteen at work. I’m hoping for a very dull and uneventful shift. Anything exciting means that things aren’t working well.

Have a fun Sunday everyone.

How intriguing!

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Ha it’s very boring!

Morning Scouty, hope you feel better soon. I’ve been having back/nerve issues again thr last day or two and it sucks.
Off to work in a bit, then got to go to the post office and send some parcels, roast chicken later I think.

Morning @Scout @barleysugar @BMS1 @Matt_was_taken @anon19035908 et al

All’s fine here if a little dozy. Probably head for a walk later, in between wincing at the cricket. I find the weather etc very evocative at this time of year (years of dreading the start of the school year have clearly taken their toll!)

The dullest of Sundays to you :pray:


Now I want roast chicken.

Tried ‘This’ chicken the other night. What on earth are they using to get these meat substitutes so convincing?!

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Treat yourself to some new stationery and pencil case to stave off those back to school blues


Meat probably. I’ll be doing garlic & chilli chicken like most Sundays, it’s becoming something of a tradition in our house.


I wish I lived in your house

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Morning all. Successfully stayed sober during a music festival at a brewery all weekend. This is a good thing. I feel fucking great.

Was fun too.

The rest of the squad are fucked. The WhatsApp messages suggest a 4am return to the room…

Just up. Might go and do breakfast.


Well done buddy :fire::fire::fire:


Off to the cricket today. Hope the mighty lions score some great wickets or sutin

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Had a dream that my work colleagues trashed my flat during a house party.
I’ve woken up angry and CBA with today.


Up. Granola, yogurt and slightly past their best strawberries for brekkie, with tea of course.

Nice day so going to take boys for a long long walk as yesterday they were at peak irritating each other from restless energy. Then I better do some work really.

No idea on dinner, maybe the pizza we didn’t get yesterday.

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Anglos Scout, all,

Tidying update: we’re off to the tip in a few minutes. So exciting, I’m sure you’ll agree. Going to make a plan for the day on the way. For the first time in over six years, our spare roon has space in it for a bed, so we can now start looking for a king sized bed for our room. We absolutely bossed yesterday. Is that something people say?


Morning. Just ate some Total yoghurt and blueberries. Then when I finish my coffee it’s time for total DIY. May go to the tip too, for a self-indulgent treat.