Anglos a Sunday for September

Bought two nice plant pots and three books for £1.50. Good ol yorkshire.


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With a fried egg on top


My old university housemate used to make himself ‘beans on toast surprise’ with the surprise being that he was constantly so stoned that by the time he’d pour the beans on top and sit down to eat, he’d forgotten there was a fried egg on top of the toast. He also used to eat 8 weetabix in a lasagne dish but that’s by the by.


Accidently had a sour-ish beer last night and can still unfortunately taste it

Potw. Who does potw now.

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That CW one?



Today I have achieved:
Two breakfasts :white_check_mark:
A 10 mile run (with no knee pain :partying_face:) :white_check_mark:
A long overdue catch up with my Mum :white_check_mark:

Now going to a baby’s 1st birthday party and then home to eat a LOT of ramen :+1:


It’s possible to enjoy life on a Sunday

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Yup. Digusten’ ,paid like a fiver for a half too.

Work done.

Got 17 books to read in the next 6 days. LOL.

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RamIn or Ramout?

Could fill a thread with stories about him. One of the best people I’ve ever known. We were sat in our friend’s living room once before we went out and Al was upstairs in the toilet. When he came back down he was just wearing his jumper with no shirt underneath. When pressed, he confessed that he’d done a particularly smelly poo, gone to spray some deodorant around to mask it, and accidentally emptied half a can of shaving foam over himself. I miss him every day.


That’s quite a few… Are any of them about moths?

One is about stags. Three of them are huge. Regretting accepting this stupid judging panel thing now.

Think I’m coming down with a cold. Back to bed, then.

Just imagining the kinds of desserts i could make with 8 weetabix and a lasagne tin now