Anglos a Sunday May Day edition

Should i have crumble for breakfast? It’s basically a sort of porridge right.

Still on the fence about what to do later, it’s either a long and boozy day/night at SFTOC or a more wholesome International Workers Day parade and gig in the park. Feeling a bit hermit-like though tbh.

Can someone please come and give me a cuddle :bat:

What you upto?


Hedgehog cuddle for you sugar :hedgehog::hedgehog:

We had grand plans to clean and that but :person_shrugging: I’m the only one up so far.

Might go over to a Spring festival thing…bit of a walk on the plains.

Then it’s snooker and something with butternut squash for dinner.


Have the crumble

I’m having half a cookie for breakfast

It’s just better that being healthy


Butternut squash and sage risotto? Biryani?


Ooh Biriani is a plan.


Making pancakes

Eating pancakes
No other plans


Going to mum today - one of the last times I’ll be in my hometown as she’s shortly going to start the house selling process

Got a new sofa arriving. My boyfriend was like “why have you arranged it for today?”, to which I responded, “why didn’t you suggest a different day when I suggested Sunday and you said ok?” “Oh I mustn’t have been paying attention” :roll_eyes:

Need to determine if old sofa can be taken apart enough to fit in my car to go to the tip or if we need to get it collected. I’m assuming there is a way to put the back seats down but I’ve never done it

Ah, horrible memories

Also bless my skinny arms at 30 years old



Just hanging around here til the snooker starts, if thats alright. Migbt go buy some jalapeno grills.

Think im gonna make a roast of sorts, later.

Started Crying in H Mart

Hah, getting it out will be fine, and it can be taken apart I believe, but I don’t know if my car is big enough to fit the base/back. I’ve just googled and apparently it is legal to drive with stuff sticking out of the boot if it’s less than 3 feet (according to the internet) so maybe I just need to acquire some bungee cords?

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Best Sunday morning album :heart:


Apricot wheats for breakfast. This morning I’m off to Lazer Zone for the first time in about twenty five years, because things have come full circle and now Jimbo’s getting invited to parties there. This afternoon I have a few hours free while he goes off to another party - he’s got a better social life than me, obvs - so the plan is to catch up for a cheeky half with a mate before he goes away for a couple of months

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Happy International Worker’s Day :fist::fist::fist:


Marmite on toast to break the fast, was as amazing as it ever was.

Taking the kids to SJP to see NUFC ladies vs Barnsley. Not sure if they’ll last the full 90, but could be fun.

Salmon and veg for tea. Will post to the appropriate thread at the appropriate time.


Morning all!

I haven’t had breakfast yet bit it’ll be buttered toast because my diabetic body doesn’t appreciate jam or chocolate spread at this time in the morning.

We’re going to the science centre today with my parents and then roasting a chicken.

Dunno if it’s helpful @inthedusk but please enjoy this :chipmunk: squirrel in leiu of a hug.


I would love a Laser Quest party.


Do you ever find that sometimes the sleepiness just overpowers you and end up asleep for a solid 9 or 10 hours, unable to be roused by anyone or anything? That’s been my sleep experience today, knocked out.

Badly hit by mercury retrograde too; found something broken at work, and my broke yesterday, and it’s only in the shadow period atm :grimacing:

Ah shit

Only just woke up, got a dull hangover & the 8yo needs to be at a birthday party in 15 minutes

Not even sure if the teenager came home last night, she wasn’t home at 5am

Bleurgh, anglos & up the workers

I feel remarkably fine.

Still got it