Anglos a Sunday May Day edition

My cat was doing a wonderful impression of paranormal activity 2 last night. Love her for that

I still have no Covid symptoms and my girlfriend is feeling ok as it goes. May not leave the house again today

Breakfast :white_check_mark:
Washing up :white_check_mark:
Washing pegged out :white_check_mark:
Washing machine cleaned :white_check_mark:
Stair gate reattached after my daughter tire if off the wall :grimacing::white_check_mark:

Calling it a day

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what’s everyone doing for hedgehog week? i’m going to -

Create an undisturbed log pile that will offer shelter and food


I would also like a cuddle please


double negative baby!


Weirdly the dent I put in my other half’s car yesterday has popped out! So there’s a just a few scratches, and a lot less guilt on my part.

I’m not sure who did the soundproofing at Lazer Zone in Brighton, but if I ever had noisy neighbours I’d find out who they were and hire them

What’s he been convicted for?

Ha! He’s actually sailing (to the West Indies somewhere I think). Trip of a lifetime, if you’re into sailing, apparently

I used to have it kind of under control, but I think I need to re-learn how not to have a deluge of sad or anxious thoughts within minutes of waking up

leave loads of rings out in a sort of elaborate obstacle course



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Still ill so can’t go to the all dayer I’ve got tickets for. Instead of confidence man it will be lemsip and feeling sorry for myself

Just had a flashback to 2008… So many completely uncensored covers of ‘Bitches Ain’t Shit’ by white acapella groups / guys with ukeleles (after the Ben Folds version)

If you’re lucky.

Can confirm that lazer zone is open if you want to join the tail end of a seven year olds birthday party


Just restored my iphone from the last back up, which was unfortunately in mid 2019. Lost a lot of stuff,but gained back the Love Island app so who can say how unfortunate this truly was

Morning everyone :wave:

The bf and I have been eating our way around York. Got a bettys afternoon tea booked for today and I am EXCITED! Love bettys. Might need to buy a few curd tarts to take home with us.

Would also be well up for some cuddles tbh. This is now the cuddle thread.

Really enjoying the sound of the rain on our window, my flat in Edinburgh does not get rained on loudly enough.


Can’t wait to see this in the Sunday Dinner Thread :blush:

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May is the perfect month


drinking in the park again, god bless this country

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