Anglos a Sunday, November edition

I’ll be getting a morning coffee from there in a bit so i’ll get a definite y/n for you!

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Catching up on the bachelorette in bed. I have a dress to finish up and then it’s a solid chill day :sunglasses:


Going to go for a long trail run, eat some of yesterday’s lasagne, watch various sports and maybe do some work

Thank you so much. It’s V60 size one papers (not the bigger size two)

Do you never leave your flat or something?

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Dodged the worst of a hangover, well done me.

Morning all. Got to do some work, make some dinner, walk to the shop for milk and sending some boots back.

That’s it really.

Started Fargo S4 last night so probably a bit more of that.

To bike or not to bike? Got a fairly robust set of bruises after falling off yesterday :face_with_head_bandage:

Anyone for breakfast?


Good morning, haven’t had breakfast yet but would like to make a really good one. Just not sure what. Will probably end up eating an early lunch made up of last nights leftovers (tofu stir fry). Have a lot of work to catch up on but zero motivation, think I’ll start by doing some stuff like laundry and tidying etc then attempt to get on with the day





Been for a run, had coffee and crumpets for breakfast.

Gonna set my new bike up now :smiley:


Having to work as got a 10am meeting tomorrow that needs a fair amount of prep which I did none of during the week. Hoping to finish to watch a bit of NFL.

Made some nice seitan last night so gonna have good Sanger’s for lunch.

Can you add the photo of winkin’ joe please?

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Been awake for over an hour but still in bed. Need to tidy my room but I’ve been putting it off for days already, what’s one more eh?

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I don’t know. It came fromthe internet

Morning all

Been out to get spur of the moment takeaway sausage sandwiches for breakfast.

Tonight’s beef stew is in the slow cooker.

About to stick some washing in the machine then that’s all my plans for the day done.

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