Anglos a Sunday one and all


What you’ve all got planned today? Is it miserable weather? It is here.

What are your opinions on Anna Kendrick?

Shoe shopping for the kids. Urgh

Liverpool on at midday

Job applications this afternoon

Chelsea on this eve, but might get some reports done.

Need to make a pudding for tomorrow as well at some point if there are any recommendations…

Anna Kendrick? Had to look her up looks familiar but I have no opinion either way as don’t think I’ve seen her in anything.

Have I missed something?


I haven’t ruled out that I slept through saturday


It was a very tiring week.

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I did show shopping recently…did it in M&S so relatively pain free, but hen she’s too young to argue they’re not dvool enough.

You can make Scout Pudding!™️

It’s a variation on nigella’s Anglo Italian trifle and it’s bloody incredible and takes 10 mins plus time to cool down a bit.

Basically this but without trifle sponges or limoncello. Just warm up some blackcurrant jam and blackberries with lemon juice, whisk mascarpone and eggs, spoon it over lovely runny fruit and sprinkle with loads of almonds and crushed amaretti biscuits.

It’s incredible.


Oh yeah. It’s Saturday!


Had such a good birthday trying to get to the next one quicker?

I’ve kept waking up this morning on and off thinking it was Sunday and getting Sunday dread so the thread title has got me all confused.

Annoyingly :field_hockey: is on at the same time as the :soccer:️ so will need to work out how to do both. Party later but don’t know if I can be bothered.

I have an opinion on Anna Kendrick, Scout, but not sure if it’s DiS friendly so will keep it to myself.

Absolutely not…I’m on the slippery slope to 40 now

I welcome all Anna Kendrick views.

Morning @scout @slicky @Unlucky @ttf

Hope youse are all well.

Slept well for the first time all week last night and actually feel a little bit of benefit.

Picking up the munchkins in just under an hour, off to buy stuff for Mother’s day, maybe out somewhere for lunch and then playing games this afternoon.

Might cook some chilli this evening and watch movies.

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Morning :wave:

Happy birthday for yesterday :smiley:

Not up to much today. :+1: :+1:

Someone light a candle for me please

Wet here. Waiting for haircut. Boys really cross because I’ve booked it so early. Bolton abbey this afternoon.

Anna Kendrick seems to play the same character in the 3 or 4 things I’ve seen her in. Likeable. Very pretty. Kendrick opinions exhausted.

Has your power gone out?

Morning assorted DiSsers

Been at work since 6. Really want to be in bed though. Here until 3, then dash home for rugbyball and beer and surprise dinner.

Weather was ok on the drive in @scout, but we had the worst of the rain last night. I have no idea who Anna Kendrick is, without googling it.

Oldest boy keeps getting very angry and calling me “idiot” and “jerk” a lot. Think we’re moving into teenage years. :neutral_face:


That looks very good!!