Anglos a Sunday, Sundayers


Got a bit drunk last night. Very very rare that happens

Can someone come over and look after me?

What’s going on today then?

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Morning Scout

I’m making pancakes with blueberries and - well - it’s going to have to be golden syrup because the maple syrup has gone off, inexplicably. Want some?

I’m okay, a bit dozy. I’ve organised a walk for this afternoon and it had better stop raining or I’ll be walking on my own. Tbh a solitary walk in the rainy woods sounds quite appealing.


If i leave now I can be there by about 1pm Scout, and to get home for tea I’ll need to leave at about 1.05 :joy:

Anglos all, no idea why I’m awake. Going to have a big lie in and make the most of my last day of holiday. Dread levels are rising by the second.

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2 pancakes please.

I’d love a walk in the rainy woods. What an excellent day you’ve got lined up.


Gym done
Going to go get a coffee and doughnut and mooch about local coffee shop when it opens at 8
Picking my gf up from kings cross later, we then going here

Gonna listen to some Wu tang now


Anglos chaps. Scouters I will look after you if you look after me, think I’m coming down with a bit of a cold :sneezing_face:

Supposed to go see Foxtrot at the very nice Richmond Curzon at 5pm, hope I feel less ropey by then :pensive:

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I spend Sundays spoiling my cat. Cat naps with cats are awesome.


Currently listening to this in bed:

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Working all day today :frowning:

I’m guessing but

  • orange peel as an addition sounds yummy;
  • I think I’d stick with dry-ish ingredients so I’d go cocoa powder rather than chocolate chips
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And now I am too.

This is just what I need. Planning to marry Sufjan this year.

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Run out of moisturizer
Shall I steal the Gf’s expensive stuff?

  • Yes, soft skin is life
  • No, run the risk of being ashy doubleE

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morning. bit early isn’t it.




Just looked out the window and it’s snowing big fat flakes. Meant to be going to the parents later but they’re up high where sheeldz is so might have to check accessibility first. My bum hurts from cycling yesterday.


Out last night, and the boy slept terribly, so not the best of starts. I’ve got a shoot at 11, so hopefully it’ll be a bit sunnier then. It’s quite windy, and the singer has long blonde hair which could be, erm, interesting.

In the meantime, coffee!

Expensive moisturiser: Liberated
skin: soft

I see you @japes, wanting an ashy doublespresso


It snowed an inch and a half in 30 minutes and hasn’t stopped. Jesus

:grimacing: no Sunday roast for laelfs

moisturiser is a scam

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