Anglos a Sunday Thread 20190526

Morning all

I hope you slept well. Can someone provide me with some really nice breakfast, please?

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Hi Avery.

I get to fly home tomorrow. At last!

This means I have to pack today.


Hi rich!

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Hi colinzealuk, how long have you been gone for?

Anglos a Sunday folks. Got work in a bit but it’s Sunday so only til 4.30 so that’s ok. Going to rain though so it’ll be all busy and that.

Morning all, I’m happy to report that I’m feeling better :partying_face:

Catching up with the first ever AEW wrestling show and it’s bloody amazing. I’m excited about American pro wrestling again :star_struck: Later on I’ll be going into the countryside for a pub ramble. It’s a yearly ritual that my friend organises, there’s going to be beautiful views and beautiful pubs and a roast and great people and aaaaa I can’t wait :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Morning Avery, all,

In lieu of any kind breakfast offers I’m currntly providing for myself. Kicking thinks off with porridge then having 3 and one half smiley faces, before getting ready to go to Christine and the queens. Hoping to grab a pizza at Sodo in Bethnal Green en route.

Oh, yeah, this dickhead should have reapplied yesterday and now has a wonderous farmer’s tan.

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Happy to read it reported that you’re feeling better!

All right. Off to Edinburgh to run a marathon and that.


Why does the rain make it busy?

Good luck! I hope you run well.


Thanks Avery!

You can have some of my breakfast if you like. It’s got carbs in it.


Nobody will go to the beach or whatever so they’ll all pile in to the shop and the cafe for something to do.

Thanks for the kind offer of CARBS, but i think on this occasion you’ll be needing them more than I.

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Oh, that makes sensee now you say it. Well i hope they bring their smiles and their spending money.

Oh there’ll be no smiles. There never are from these Tories. They’re always pissed off because it’s one of the only times they have to look after their kids themselves and they’re all rained on and miserable.

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*farmers burn

You silly pink sausage

This is dreadful news. Fair thee well, my thoughts are with you.

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*future farmer’s tan