Anglos a Sunday Thread 20190526

Good morning again

Plan - Leftover pizza, smilies, shower, Sodo pizza, music, booze, dancing.

My feet hurt :cry:

Hope everyone has a brilliant day x

Just been reminded by the group chat that one of my BFFs just got a ticket. Today is going to be brill. :champagne::women_with_bunny_ears::women_with_bunny_ears::women_with_bunny_ears::women_with_bunny_ears:


Just over two weeks. Feels like forever tbh - not really a holiday as such, so I’m ready to come back home.

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Morning avery, gnome, col,funky, all.

Gonna use today… Or at least part of today as an opportunity to do some tidying and sorting. Also some television watching. Basically all in all a much more chilled affair than yesterday.

Did someone mention pizza?

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Morning. Did not sleep particularly well and just woke up from a stress dream about work where I was in a meeting where everything went wrong and people were openly mocking me, so that’s good.

Might have a massive slab of banana bread for breakfast.

We’re out of coffee and now I’m back in bed. Might not make it out of the house after all.

Anglos all!

No plans really today.

Really pleased about the rain right now as the grass was dying already and it’s not even been that hot, just dry for so long. Happy plants :blush:

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Slam Dunk today :grinning:


I wonder if there are shadowy internet executives who say “ya know what this video here needs, shitty ukulele and whistling music. THEN you’ll be in the big leagues”

Feel a little bit ill when I hear that stuff these days

I’m doing a bit of music stuff this morning as I couldn’t get back to sleeeeeep

Fancy watching Inland Empire this weekend for some reason

Hiya :wave: Proper chucking it down so no cycling for me today. Might watch a film :man_shrugging:

Good morning. Enjoy your day at APE. BTW - the walk from Mile End station to the entrance was 10 min. The walk back was 60 min (but we were near the stage, had one last toilet break and got caught in the crush).

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I always leave gigs about ten minutes from the end because I am an Old Dad

Or watch the encore from far away as possible.

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My little sister is there! Who are you most excited for?

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I like how a lot of the band’s I’ve seen recently haven’t done encores. Not arsed about encores rlly, the culture of encores has become one of dishonesty.


Morning all!

Bacon sandwich and coffee for breakfast.

The Child has been awake since before 7.00 and Wor Lass has gone back to bed.

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Thanks for the warning. Last year we strategically started to leave a little bit before the end to bet the rush, so will probably do that again, we’re seeinf Chris at Primavera in 5 days anyway.


Morning, I’m over at my brother’s house this morning.

Watched Big Trouble In Little China with him last night, trying to work out what the hell happened in that film.

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