Anglos: A Sunday Thread

Anglos a

How are you all today?

PSA that there are only a few more days to donate a prize to the Hardship Fund Raffle if you were thinking of doing so:


I’m at the airport. Of to Copenhagen with work for a few days.

Need to think of something for the hardship raffle…


I’m good. Finally had a decent nights sleep. Getting the train back to bonnie Glasgow in a couple of hours.

Seeing the Gf and hopefully get some nice food.

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Morning all!

The weather’s back to normal again here. What on earth was going on yesterday?

Anyway, I’ve been for a run, the first proper one I’ve ever attempted, and that was a success, so time for some coffee and some toast. Then later this morning I’ve got to go and check over the sheep. First time I’ve done it in about a year for one reason or another, so I’m looking forward to that. Then around lunchtime the family come home again.


Got a couple hundred Labour leaflets to deliver. See how long that takes me and we’ll see.


Had a lay in (kiddo didn’t wake up until 7.40!), had breakfast and now deciding what to do today. My wife is off out for a potentially boozy lunch and I wanna do some batch cooking too


Also slept funny on my arm and have slight pins and needles going on now.

Up at 530 again. Baby has been on great form though so can’t complain too much.


Anglos a.

Got sea salted caramel and milk chocolate clusters for breakfast.


Anglos a Sunday one and all

Listening to Sufjan, Big Thief, Smog (in the fog). Going to my friend’s house soon so M can run wild upstairs with their kids.

Very nice Sunday so far (got a load of work I’m ignoring though so some anxiety over that). Going to cook veggie shepherds pie later if we get back in time :blush:


Made some pretty average brownies last night, will have a breakfast one to see if they’ve improved overnight.

Practical start to the day after doing fuck all yesterday, then probs off to see a classic noir later on. Might also spend wildly on some guitar and technology stuff, who knows!

Also does everyone like my excellent set up to contain my ceiling leak?

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That’s a permanent fix right there.


Give it a week and he’ll be wondering how he ever lived without a step ladder in the middle of the room.


Last day in Sri Lanka and off to India tomorrow.
Got pissed for the first time since we started on our travels last night so today’s been a bit of a write off. Arrack is lethal

Sneaky leaflet carrying bag.

It’s just replaced the massive pile of clothes tbf

Work are understaffed but that’s their problem.

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Why are you responsible for sheep?

Must remember to donate a prize. I have a less ridiculously overambitious idea for one than last year’s

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