Anglos a Sunday


What your guys up to today? Some good Sundaying I hope.

Going on a spa day that my neighbour has paid for as thanks for babysitting and stuff over the years. Going to swim ALL DAY :heart_eyes:


Morning @Scout

Had a weird dream in which there was this zombie group called something like “pranks from the undead” that went around playing tricks on people. @kermitwormit was in the group along with Rebecca Bunch’s mother from Crazy Ex Girlfriend. (The group was formed as revenge for her death).

At some point in the dream I FB stalked Kermo*. Her real name was Jennifer and she was pulling deliberately bad faces in all her pics.

* just for the record I’ve never done this.


Anglos Scout! I have work 10-4 which is shit cause it’ll be dead and my job is rubbish but probably roasting a chicken and rewatching loads of The US Office with my wife and the cat later, which isn’t shit at all. Enjoy your spa, you deserve it!


Morning @Scout

Jimbo woke up at 4am AGAIN today. Thankfully I got him back to sleep again but it took until 5.30. Mercifully he slept for another two hours, but now we’re up and watching CBeebies.

Off to see Mogwai tonight. I haven’t seen them live in about fifteen years I reckon.

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Happy Sunday all.

Went for a longish trail run, sun came out halfway through and I think I ended up a bit dehydrated. Rest of the day was recovery and cooking a roast lamb dinner which was :heart_eyes::+1:t2::meat_on_bone:

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Morning! Up early to go and watch Shoplifters at the cinema in my football kit before heading up to DiS football in Regents Park.

I’m still a bit tired after the gig last night (Ultrasound and Electric Soft Parade), but the bands were brilliant, so it was all worth it.

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Went to Tuol Sleng prison and Cheoung Ek killing field which was beyond grim. I’ll be lucky if I don’t have any nightmares tonight. The next person who complains about something trivial is getting a slap today.

Hope you have a wonderful day at the spa @Scout, you deserve a day of being pampered.


Nice, saw that at a festival a couple of months ago, and seeing one of his earlier ones (After the Storm) at film society tomorrow night :slight_smile: Have you seen any of his others? Any recommendations?

CBeebies to the rescue! Hope you’re not too wiped out for the gig


We’ve moved onto Cars. I’ve got a low impact day and lots of coffee so should be all good.

Now there’s a band I haven’t thought about in many many years.

Morning…ooh a spa day sounds brilliant. Have a wonderful time!

Got to make a load of props for school panto later. Poster paint and card at the ready :smile:

Ultrasound? I had no idea that they were still going. I loved that debut double album. I’m going to have to dig it out.

Off to my mam’s for a pub lunch. I am going to eat all of the potatoes.

I know it’s not a top tip, @kermitwormit, but I saw this and thought you’d appreciate it!


i’m glad theyve got access to all the equipment


Alright Sunday champs

Gonna do some solo parenting (mooch around town with O and maybe treat myself to a coffee) so my partner can do some lino cutting and printing and other crafty bits. veg soup for tea, boring

I’m very keen to know which new music they like.


First shift of new job this afternoon, but first, brekkie at one pal’s house and lunch at another/

Good luck!