Anglos again Sunday

Morning all.

Just got up and went downstairs. The gf says, “what are you doing up at this time?!” Long story short I’m back in bed. I don’t tackle Sundays until at least 10am as a rule. It’s just not worth it.

I really need to get off the Internet before I spoil the Garcia/Spencer Jr result for myself. Just popping in to say I hope you’re all well.


Anglos a Sunday folks! It’s a lovely day down here, not sure how long it’ll last but it’s started my day off nicely and I’m feeling better after talking a lot of stuff through with Mrs F. Work for me today followed by a yet to be decided nice dinner. Have a smashing Sunday!


Oh no! I just moved it!

Can you delete the copied and pasted one please Mr Geese?

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How’s Belize? Been run over by any ballerinas?


Enjoy St Patricks Day youse lot.


About to have what should be a decent full welsh breakfast. Then it’s driving back to Leeds.

…and I’ve ruined it for myself. Every bloody time.

I did think I’d read that already…

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Had an excellent evening in Brixton last night.
Had a couple of lovely beers and then some amazing food (fried vegetable dumplings, steamed pork dumplings, singapore noodles and crispy squid) and then watched Border.

Just had bed tea not sure what to do for the rest of the day apart from chores and football


Looking forward to Monday tbh, having a bad parenting morning and shamefully am looking forward to carting him off to preschool for a few hours tomorrow. Bad mum :disappointed:

Morning all. Visiting ny GF’s grandparents today, followed by watching the Chelsea match somewhere quiet.

That’s going to be hard because it is St. Patrick’s Day and the city will be a fucking slopfest all day.


Just had a dream that I won £10k on a fruit machine. Woke up and it wasn’t real :woman_shrugging:.


So nice to wake up with the sun blazing through the window after the last few weeks. Going to head out for breakfast, then I think I’ll re-watch Wales winning the rugby before heading out for a stroll followed by a few pints.

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that round does look tidy

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ten thousand pound coins would be fairly inconvenient i guess

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Hi Sundayers! Feeling pretty decent despite drinking far more beer than I usually would and getting about 5 hours sleep last night. Need to do some exercise today and then maybe do some music stuff.

That was part of the dream, there were people standing over my shoulder hassling me to hurry up but I couldnt carry all the coins (there were £100 coins in there). In the end I think I punched one of them) :woman_shrugging:



Feeling a bit sorry for myself as I’m now about 36 hours into a stomach bug/food poisoning. It meant I missed hockey yesterday, and a friend’s 40th and I’m going to miss another friend’s engagement drinks today. Hopefully I’ll be able to hold something down by tonight.

D&V sucks, huh?