Anglos again Sunday

Anglos Scout, all,

Last night’s entertainment was sponsored by The Futon Company, known not only for their combination seat/beds but also their cushions, lightshades and other household items. All in all a lovely day was had, while spouting various levels of nonsense.

Currently in E17, laid on the best futon I’ve ever let anywhere near my life, arguing the toss over who’s going to boil the kettle. Just been intruded on by a massive floof of a cat doing her morning rounds. She didn’t stay still for long enough to get a photo, I’m afraid.

Got the best part of a whole Sunday ahead of us, eh, m4s? Might do some stuff, might spend all day dreaming of food and eating food.

The kettle is still empty.


Morning all! Have woken up in a great mood. Gonna defrost my freezer today cos I’m an adult.

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going on a bicycle ride in a bit

:pray: the weather stays half decent

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Gf’s best friend is coming round, so I will of course be hiding upstairs all day. Might start a fresh Breath of the Wild playthrough.

It’s gorgeous down in Brighton but I’ll be making every attempt to stay indoors, in bed preferably. Got a mad craving for huevos rancheros veggie style.

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There’s absolutely no shame in wanting a little alone time! As a parent you have to always be ‘on’ when you’re with your kid. You are entitled to space to just breathe (and probably having to get on with whatever else you have to do that’s a bit easier without looking after a small human at the same time) None of that bad mum nonsense! You’re doing great x


Get well soon marckee, the upside to D&V is it always resolves I’m days, so the end is in sight

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Looks good

Are you going out purely to show off your new top?

Get well soon marckee :+1:

Yes it REALLY sucks. 2 months later and i still feel queasy at the though of soft corn tacos and i LOVE soft corn tacos.

Get well soon. Missing a fun weekend like that really sucks too.

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Anglos Scout, Rowan checking in here.

Pa-in-law’s paddy’s day dinner party was a great success even though I still can’t taste anything cos of my stupid hooter.

Feel like pure shite just want my tastebuds back.

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Anglos all,

Lying on my sofa and watching masterchef. I can see a lazy day ahead. Might go and hang out with my nephews later, but then I might not.

What’s it like out?

Inconvenient for everyone else in the bar whilst you were getting it changed.

& @Lo-Pan, @Avery, Thank you.

I have no idea what caused it - my girlfriend has been fine and she’s eaten exactly the same food as me - but I don’t think that I’ll be able to eat goat’s cheese in anything for a long while yet.

Just sorted out loads of holiday photos as I’m working on a big photo album for my Dad’s 60th, would love to be back in the sun right now. Also hoping the weather stays clear as I wanna get out on my bike this morning :crossed_fingers:t3: then I think I’m going to make a courgette cake later which may or may not taste gross.


Would it be better if the rain %s were chance of rain or amount of time it will be raining?

Oh fuck I can take the dock up and play it all on my PC gear!

So long, outside world! I’d say it was nice knowing you, but

Going to play badminton with my partner, then watch Fulham get smashed by Liverpool at the pub with my friend, then watch breed pro wrestling at Sheffield City Hall, headlined by Ilja Dragunov and Chris Ridgeway. What a bloody day!

Good morning Scout and everyone!

Happy Sunday :hugs:

I’m feeling good this morning. Had a lovely day yesterday listening to music, looking at arty books, eating fistfuls of mini cheddars and seeing rainbows everywhere.

Had a revelation last evening, we don’t need to clear/sort and redecorate the spare room! I just have to paint a pretty sign that says ‘Waiting for the Fab Five!’ frame it, hang it on the door and close it. Tada! All that mess is now cute.

Enjoying a nice lie in on a very comfortable futon, musing about what to have for The Big One- Sunday Dinner.

Have a good day, my friends :kissing_closed_eyes:

Please send coffee.