Anglos another Sunday

Lying in bed with the lovely smell of clean clothes in the air, thinking about making chai and toast - am back on the quorn ham/vegan feta/honey wagon and its great.

Stayed up late listening to a podcast about the crash in the Andes in the 70s, remember i used to be obsessed with watching Alive in the 90s and have fancied a rewatch for ages but man, the amount of shit those guys got for surviving is bananas. Anyway, very interesting if not utterly harrowing podcast.

Wuu2 huns? I’ve got some time to myself but the cinema looks rubbish so idk what to do - might just work :thinking:


I like the Quorn Ham but there’s so many slices in it I didn’t manage to get through it all last time. Worried me slightly that it says to eat it all within two days of opening but I still ate some like four days later anyway. Just had to chuck the rest once it had been like a week.

I keep it open for longer than that and its alwsys been fine. Nothing to worry about with it really, not like with actual meat anyway


It’s better now the packages are resealable but just stick the pack into a sandwich bag and it’ll stays fresh for ages.

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Yeah I don’t understand why it says that

Run out of beans for the toast so going to treat myself to the local cafe’s really nice breakfast brioche :))


Ooo actually this looks good!

Chopping down a bush.

after brek

  • mow lawn
  • do a yoga
  • make some punk rock for a punk rock thing i’m doing
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I’ve eaten a bagel and had two cups of tea so far.

I am currently watching the Cricket, and feel a bit odd. Don’t normally allow myself time to sit and do nowt.

Need to walk the dog and might go for a run. Need to put a bit o pork in the slow cooker.

Also up and watching the cricket.

Day of cooking and maybe baking some cookies ahead, with some book reading of All My Puny Sorrows in between.

Probably also going to look at jackets, as after watching The Bear I really wanted his wool jacket -

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Today’s vibe.

Nothing in the house for adult breakfast, no milk, no bread ect, wife’s gone out without her keys and I need to go out. Yay.

No real plans today until the evening, possibly some reading and writing practice with the eldest who is really loving that atm. Then off to my bosses for a Christmas dinner in lieu of a dinner out as everywhere is expensive and booked up

Green Day’s best record is Insomniac I think. By quite a stretch.


Cricket watching
Dinner cooking
Dog walking

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Slices of apple with chocolate on



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The records before and after it have, of course, some wonderful bangers. But this one has almost entirely bangers.

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Veg stock in the slow cooker, soup mix (lentils, peas, pearl barley ect) on soak. Lots of nice smells in the kitchen

Just for lovely DiS here is a no context sneak preview of my new band Wonton Destruction

And here is my breakfast brioche


Morning all!

I’m feeling rubbish due to vaccines yesterday and (possibly?) two beers before bed.

I need a bath. I’ll be going to the shops at some point and popping down to a craft market where my friend is selling soap.

I’m making a pork curry for tea.

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