Anglos first Sunday of October

Way ahead of you there


Just googled “the Sun charity bosses” and saw an article calling out charity CEOs for earning what presumably is a fraction of what a CEO would earn in the public sector.

So take your pick from Marie Stopes, WWF (always makes me lol), Macmillan, NSPCC, RNIB and Guide Dogs.

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When do you set off pal?

Woke up a bit miserable

Might do some field recording at some point

Think i lost my suit jacket.
Me: ‘oh gooooooood! eeeeeurgh!’ (various, all encompassing levels of regret)
@Gnometorious: ‘don’t worry, it’s only a suit jacket and it’s probably just fine.’

I’m so drunk that that tickled me a lot. Don’t even know why. Wish i had a suit jacket, mind.

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So last night me and my friend sent a drunken video to my pal in which we spilled a secret from about 10 years ago that he didn’t know about, for the lols. He sent a video in return with a story that I didn’t know about.

Apparently, in Wetherspoons last year, my friend Carly and some other people that I like and respect were having a drunken conversation: ‘do straight men like it up the arse?’

I’m somewhat evangelical about having things up my arse. It’s an important message to get out because a lot of men are, you know, pathetic, and feel like if they pop a finger up there then they automatically turn into a huge gay or something. It must stop, it feels well nice.

So Carly, having discussed this before with me, tells the group, without my permission, and incredibly loudly at a volume that only drunken Carly can achieve: ‘Jack [Surname] LOVES a finger up the arse!’

She makes this point at least twice as the conversation rumbles on. Fine, I don’t give a shit, I’m an open book about this stuff and I don’t mind her saying that in front of my other friends, who cares. Like I said, it’s important. Bum fun is good fun.

What I do mind, however, is that when Carly got up to leave, she realised that my mum and stepdad were sat on the next table having a quiet drink.


Booked a taxi for 10 past midnight to wokingham Station. Google timeline has us getting a taxi all the way to our friends’ housr uo the road, and all my money is in the wallet it was put in.

Lying in bed trying to decide whether I have a little hangover or not. I think I might be fine you know.

great payoff to that story, cheers


Sat on a Megabus, marooned, awash amongst an actual sea of Cardiff half marathoners and their friends. Thousands here. Will be fun seeing how Drive negotiates this

Haha the answer : aggressively


Haha was just about to reply ‘aggressively I’d imagine’.

We had to walk home in the rain for NO REASON and I was cross about it. Still not sure why you wouldn’t let the taxi continue to take us home after we dropped J and J off.
Feels like another case of @avery thinking he knows best despite all evidence to the contrary including me speaking actual words of sense. :thinking::roll_eyes:


Might get a divorce tbh. Would like a partner who listens to me.

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Yeah forward seems a good idea, plow on Dai


Makes a change dunnit

5pm get to Sri Lanka tomorrow morning


She says gently kissing the arm of a man she married. I just don’t know what to believe.

I’m struggling to really understand this but I’m sorry for your loss if loss occurred.

Band practice