Anglos, it's Sunday again

It’s nice this morning here. The garden looks really green and lovely and there’s a nice light hitting all the ivy on my neighbours little outhouse. Just going to see how long I can lie in bed watching the trees.

Hands up who’s got plans today. Tell me more…


I’ve been up since 5:30am and I don’t even care because it’s a gorgeous day outside and I’m cheering on my beautiful boy SANADA in the final of the New Japan Cup. Later on I’m going out for a roast with a whole bunch of friends so I expect to be deep in a food coma by 6pm :smiley:


Assumed that was football but I see it’s wrestling. Sounds like a great day…can’t remember when I last had a roast.

Anglos @Scout @Rarity et al

Plans for the day: we’ve got a shared lunch thing to go to later. The eldest made some pasta salad (she’s really pleased with herself) and I made some Chelsea buns.

Afterwards, we’ll probably go for a walk somewhere. And then this evening I have the job of writing an application for the permanent version of the job I’m doing on a secondment basis. Eek.

One of our friends organises a few of these roasts throughout the year and he always picks out really good places to go. It’s the first one of the year so I’m very excited!

Off to my parents. Just chilling in bed at the moment. Can hear a fox so occasionally looking out the window too


I’m in the no plans club today. Hoping to have a little bit of time granted to me so I can have a not rushed shower, that is as exciting as it gets for me.

Anglos all. Work 9.30-4.30 today which is a shame cause it looks so nice out. Might go for a walk after if Mrs F fancies it. Making chicken katsu later too so it’s not all bad.

Big Glasgow Office v Edinburgh office football game in Falkirk

And it’s live… If you can get to Falkirk.

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It’s a beautiful sunny day here too. Our only plans are getting a shopping delivery some time between 8 and 9, and taking Jimbo swimming at 11. Actually, there’s talk of making a roast later too.

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Gym the morning then doing some jobs around the house. Son has a friends birthday party this afternoon at soft play so we’ll go along to that. Weather seems nice so might go for a walk after

Do you think leaving some fruit in my garden will attract local foxes?

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Another half Marathon for Shelter this morning! Quite looking forward to this one!

Wanna throw me some money? So so close to my fundraising goal :smiley:

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Walking over the downs to Lewes later on. Might take the girlfriends dog. Then going to see the Wave Pictures. Got tomorrow off work so I can have a few drinks and not worry which is hindsight was a good bit of foresight.




  1. Finish coffee and get off sofa
  2. Prep 3x bikes
  3. Pick up son from sleepover
  4. Back home, go riding
  5. Shower
  6. Make sausage based lunch
  7. ?
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Morning all.

Just done gym. Deadlifted which is very rare for me.
Eating some Coco pops and mooching. Think the gf is gonna get up soon and we’ll do coffee and eggs and hot sauce and that
Might do a Costco run later

what does anglos mean / where is it from

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THANKS @grievoustim

Saw your buns CCB
Want your buns CCB
Give me your buns CCB