Angry Time

How is American Psycho scary? Although I think I have stated my Don’t Look Now fear from having seen it when about ten. Fuck Venice.

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Hi Balonz

Nice weather in yorks today?

yeah actually. pretty sunny right now.

american psycho is/wasn’t scary?

I got up ten minutes early to hang the sheets out and it’s just rained here and BBC says 97% chance of rain where I live.

I see you have addressed this in your opening post

It is not. It is many things (including pretty shit) but in no way is it scary to me.

oh, I thought you wanted to fight me.

it’s not meant to be scary either? shocking mibbes, but even if you’re a big ol’ feardy cat i doubt this would bother you

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Get Out isn’t scary
American Psycho isn’t scary
The Shining isn’t scary
Don’t Look Now is scary but isn’t the scariest film ever

I’m massively desensitised but I think that a scaredy cat could definitely be scared by the Shining and possibly Get Out.

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^haha look balonz is scared of hotels and tricycles

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and little girls

Don’t Look Now is fantastic tho innit. One of those rare instances where the film is on par with the book (novella/short story/go fuck yourself).

Edit: similarly @anon29812515 my mum urged me to watch it when I was 11 and it scared me shitless/made me very interested in the work of Julie Christie.

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remember the ring was scary

The shining is a boring film!

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Great work @rockbot or @discobot, whichever one of you it was!

:crystal_ball: Yes definitely

I had a similar reaction to the work of Britt Ekland after watching The Wicker Man