Angry Time



How is American Psycho scary? Although I think I have stated my Don’t Look Now fear from having seen it when about ten. Fuck Venice.


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Hi Balonz


Nice weather in yorks today?


yeah actually. pretty sunny right now.


american psycho is/wasn’t scary?


I got up ten minutes early to hang the sheets out and it’s just rained here and BBC says 97% chance of rain where I live.


I see you have addressed this in your opening post


It is not. It is many things (including pretty shit) but in no way is it scary to me.

oh, I thought you wanted to fight me.


it’s not meant to be scary either? shocking mibbes, but even if you’re a big ol’ feardy cat i doubt this would bother you


Get Out isn’t scary
American Psycho isn’t scary
The Shining isn’t scary
Don’t Look Now is scary but isn’t the scariest film ever


I’m massively desensitised but I think that a scaredy cat could definitely be scared by the Shining and possibly Get Out.


^haha look balonz is scared of hotels and tricycles


and little girls


Don’t Look Now is fantastic tho innit. One of those rare instances where the film is on par with the book (novella/short story/go fuck yourself).

Edit: similarly @Balonz my mum urged me to watch it when I was 11 and it scared me shitless/made me very interested in the work of Julie Christie.


remember the ring was scary


The shining is a boring film!


Great work @rockbot or @discobot, whichever one of you it was!


:crystal_ball: Yes definitely


I had a similar reaction to the work of Britt Ekland after watching The Wicker Man