Animal Collective Thread (rolling)

These guys are always up to something, so we might as well have a rolling thread in which to discuss:

  • Live shows
  • Live bootlegs
  • New releases
  • Old favourites
  • Side projects
  • How anyone who has anything good to say about anything Animal Collective-related is objectively wrong

For starters, Avey Tare appears to have announced a new album via jigsaw:


I was literally just about to post this ^ :smile:

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I didn’t really give the Slasher Flicks album much time but played the hell out of Down There!

Has anyone checked out the new Meeting of the Waters EP that Avey and Geologist worked on?

I like it a lot, it sounds like something from the Sung Tongs / Campfire Songs era almost

always got a lot of time for anything these guys do particularly Noah

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Yeah, it’s VERY Campfire Songs. But where Campfire Songs sounds rainy, this one sounds hot and humid.

Slasher Flicks wasn’t as good as Down There, but it had some great moments. Wish I’d seen them play it live.

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slasher flicks live was my favourite live solo AC experience, they were close to a garage band almost, really intense performance

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This is an ace way to announce an album, would love one of these. Slasher Flicks didn’t set my world on fire like Down There but I’ll listen to everything these guys put out.

I haven’t listened to my Meeting of the Waters EP yet but really looking forward to it.

Are you aware of any good recordings?

No, unfortunately not… a few videos on YouTube but they’re a bit flat, even the professionally shot Pitchfork one

@nav Yeah the reviews I’d read compared it to Campfire Songs which got me quite EXCITED indeed!

Never managed to catch a solo AnCo performance but saw them perform on both the Centipede Hz and Painting With tours. Both were enjoyable but neither particularly blew me away. Have you guys seen them live much?

I certainly have!

My first time was at the Leeds Festival in 2006, when they were still touring Feels. I had only heard one song at that point (We Tigers) so I didn’t really know what to expect. But it was nothing short of a revelation.

Since then I saw them on that post Strawberry Jam/pre Merriweather tour two or three times - when they were working on the songs every night. I saw them once on the Merriweather tour, I saw them headlining the Park Stage at Glastonbury, I saw them headlining Field Day, and I saw them twice last year. As far as I’m concerned, they’ve never been better live than they were on the Painting With tour. The presence of a full time drummer changes everything.

I was at this show - it’s a VERY high quality recording, and it’s yours for only a dollar!


Seems like a good opportunity to re-post this. Not sure if terrible or amazing

Seen them on the Merriweather tour and the Painting With tour. Really enjoyed the Painting With show at Troxy, having a live drummer to augment the songs was a fantastic addition, gave a real dance music vibe to a lot of the music and tied in the album well with the older songs. They also played Loch Raven which is a favourite of mine from Feels.

Good recording available here form a show a few nights earlier:

Oh snap!

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I saw them twice around the Merriweather tour, including headlining Green Man, and both were a bit flat; I’d say the same about Panda Bear who I saw live once. There’s just a limit to how good three guys or one guy standing at various samplers/machines can be imo, especially at a festival where the sound can be a bit precarious.

Saw them again in between Fall Be Kind and Centipede Hz and much better because live drummer as mentioned above, and also massive visuals

I was also at the Troxy show and Loch Raven was by far my highlight too (Feels still remains my AnCo favourite record). The live drummer really helped to beef up their sound! The crowd went absolutely mad for Daily Routine and FloriDada, didn’t they? I can’t quite remember but I seem to recall for the Centipede show that Panda Bear was on drums…

The visuals for both of the last two tours were really something else, weren’t they?

Centipede HZ

Painting with

@ninetyeightytwo WOW you’ve seen them a lot!! I thought Gomez were your favourite band :wink: - seriously though I’m quite envious that you got to see them on the Feels tour, that must have been very special.

Oh it was. It was like discovering a new world. I was at precisely the right age to get obsessed, and I’ve been so ever since.

Everyone who watched them with me hated it, though. From the start I’ve had to be both a champion and a defender!

I imagine they probably included some early versions of Strawberry Jam songs into that set too?

always get confused with AC as to what to actually listen too, what’s​ best as a band/ solo other than feels & strawberry jam which is where my knowledge ends?

They probably did, but like I say, at that point I’d never really heard any of their music, so I wouldn’t have been able to differentiate.

The setlists from the time, though!


Street Flash!