Animal Collective Thread (rolling)



Not sure about that track at all. But, I really love his past three records so I’m all for a new one!


Bah that water drop is actually making the song pretty unlistenable to me


I don’t mind the water drop thing really, reminds me of this


Found the combination of Noah’s auto-tuned moans, the acoustic loops and the drips’n’drops to be super calming / soothing.


i feel like Pandy has been teasing his Scott Walker influences throughout his career and the singing on this is the most overt way he’s done this. I mean this in a positive way. Really like the track. Tropic of Cancer was my favourite off his last and that ticks a similar box


Leaked already, wow


Dolphin is very representative of the album as a whole. Lots of acoustic guitar and samples swirling on top, sound palette doesn’t shift over the half hour. Bit confused as I swore that when I saw him live earlier in the year at least 2 of the new songs were unmitigated bangers.


Seen him earlier in the year too and presumed his next album would be a blow the speakers up type affair with some of the huge distorted beats he was playing

Have tickets to see him in Melbourne next month… please don’t go all chilled on me now Noah


Yeah, there’s definitely no bangers on this, are there? I feel like this leaked copy forgot to add the drum tracks or something.

Bit dull.


It’s grown on me a fair bit now. Some of the melodies are really lovely. However I don’t see myself coming back to it that often once the initial listens calm down. It helps that it’s only half an hour long.


I think it is pretty as hell. Might well revisit it a lot come spring. ‘Dolphin’ is really, really, really great.


Have been revisiting Slasher Flicks recently, having mostly ignored it upon release. It is absolutely stacked with catchy hooks and strong melodies.

Feels like a more refined take on Centipede Hz. The production is still busy but dialled back a bit from Hz (which sounds awful quite frankly).


My heart cannot handle all the hot takes in the MPP thread so I am retreating here to lick my wounds and say how much I love that album.


Here’s some friendlier takes:

This one perhaps too friendly (Centipede Hz is “a record so excellent we still don’t understand it yet” :joy: )




had a gander, but can’t be doing with all of that. love AC and always will.

I think their best music is actually timeless. it’s deeply felt and sincere. not affected or posed like a superficial take might figure. it’s deeply weird and individualistic, and that kind of music resists dating.


Just read the Stereogum article, had complete forgotten about that site. Always find it unusual that every single comment section of every single article there is full of the same handful of posters, that blochead character being the main one. Seems like an odd place to frequent on such a regular basis, I mean why not find a proper message board or go to Facebook or something? It’s also a bit frustrating as I’d like to have read some discussion/thoughts on the article but it’s just endless in jokes.


The comments section there are awful. The commenters there keep hilariously referring to Pitchfork as ‘the other site’ as if somehow they’re any better


Comments section is decent on the Number Ones series of articles they’re doing, usually get a good few recommendations out of that.

Other than that though, it’s a fucking shitshow.


DiS was well ahead of the curve getting rid of comments on articles.