Animal Collective Thread (rolling)


Definitely lost some zingers I put on that beady eye review everyone shat themselves over


The_Glory RIP


My favourite was still when the second Easyworld album got a drubbing and their fans turned up en masse to complain.


Christ, Easyworld! That takes me back… :cold_sweat:




Hah. I don’t find this place too bad, tbh. Once you get through the inevitable dozen posts of negativity and that guy who is in every thread saying ‘don’t think i’ve ever heard this band’, there’s usually some half decent discussion. Besides, a message board has understandably a bit more of a social feel to it, whereas, as i mentioned before, the comments section of individual articles seems to me like an unusual place to be socialising and firing around injokes.


Fall Be Kind appreciation sub-thread:

I really enjoy the ‘house clearing’ companion EPs they put out after their albums, and this is definitely the best. It’s up there with my all time favourite EPs.

Graze and I Think I Can are absolute bangers


What Would I Want? Sky is one of my favourite tracks. From anyone. Magical.




I’ve listened to that song so, so much and I still hear something new every single time.


Bought the EP after rave reviews of it, listened to it once the week it was released, haven’t heard it since. Maybe I should go back and have a listen to it.


been getting back into AnCo and the various related side-projects recently (seems like their best work has been away from the mainline albums, right?)

This is absolutely incredible

and I really liked what I heard of Eucalyptus the other day.


Panda Bear’s last few (incl. the leaked forthcoming buoys :grimacing:) have been ace, and bits of eucalyptus are really nice. deakin’s sleep cycle and avey tare’s down there are also BELTERS.


Panda Bear’s solo output is consistently great imo. the sequence from Tropic of Cancer through to Lonely Wanderer on PBMTGR is absolute bliss

edit: as close to bliss as you can get whilst listening to a sad song about Noah’s dad dying from cancer. But that tune and Brothersport are both high examples of how AnCo can find the tenderness and the beauty and even uplift in fucking dark subject matter

Glad Deakin gets a shout because this is AnCo canon in my book:


these two tunes are among my all-time AC faves. there’s a feeling of existential drift to them, or something like that? they sound like the cover of the EP looks. murky, dizzy, blurred. really great.


This live version is sublime


It’s 10 years to the day that I first Bought and listened to MPP so I thought I’d treat myself to a Vinyl copy to mark the occasion. I’m just listening to it just now and the pressing is fantastic and it really confirms that’s it truly one of the best albums released in the last two decades.I don’t get the disdain for it in the other thread and the comments that it sounds “dated” are wide of the mark, it still sounds contemporary and genre defining to me.
I remember loving it so much at the time that I would seek out and buy pretty much anything that (tried) to replicate it’s sound and there were plenty of copycats popping up after that album although nearly all of them have now disappeared into the ether.
I felt really disappointed with Centipede Hz and haven’t even listened to Painting With either after the reviews were poor but might remedy that soon.
Favourite moments on MPP then? When the bass first kicks in on ‘In the Flowers’ and the harmonies near the end of ‘Also Frightened’ (which is the tits btw) just get the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end every fucking time. What a record!


Yeah, really like the Grim Reaper album. Selfish Gene is a great pop tune.


Love that part of towards the end of Daily Routine after the “in my…bbbeeeeeddd” and there’s that gorgeous chord change and the Sung Tongs-esque harp strums come in.

Also love the section after the noise build up in Brother Sport where all the sounds fall away and there’s those few notes plonked on the synth. It’s like a moment of clarity after such a rollercoaster of an album. Then Panda Bear’s vocals come back in and the song rides out perfectly with the drums and bass dropping back in


A listing for a new Avey Tare album has gone up on Amazon. ‘Cows on Hourglass Pond’, March 22nd