Animal Collective Thread (rolling)


Dean Blunt directed video for new Panda Bear single ‘Token’.

Video’s rubbish but the song is great and I am very happy to think of them as pals.


Show at Electric Brixton also announced for April 19th. I’ll probably see him again now that I know the Bouys songs. I do hate that venue however.


He’s played there the last few times he’s been to the UK. He must really like it/have a booker with connections there.

edit no, he played there in 2015 but it was the Electric Ballroom before that


I saw him at The Electric Ballroom. Was good :+1:

Unfortunately I am basically boycotting Brixton Electric these days after a run of gigs spolied by it being such a crap venue so probably won’t go to this :unamused:


Are there more panda bear songs like this? I’m not into the stuff that’s super all over the place.


Grim Reaper has quite a few. The one I mentioned above, Selfish Gene, is very…structured…compared to some of his stuff.


Here’s a few ‘simple’ PB songs that I love:


I’ve always considered ‘Atiba Song’ a forgotten classic - give me an album’s worth of tunes like that (with skateboarding background noise if needs be) and I’d be a happy (panda) bear :slight_smile:



Looks like he’s still in the Eucalytpus zone


Bouys out today. It took me a really long time to get in to it but now it’s clicked I think it’s lovely. There could have been more variation in production, as at first all the songs run in to one, but in time the melodies reveal themselves and they are among some of his best. Favourite track is I Know I Don’t Know, I could happily listen to the last minute and a half of that on loop.

It is still a little slight and definitely not a patch on the run of Person Pitch > Tomboy > Grim Reaper.


mates. this is gorgeous.

(sorry for the direct reply @lastdino ahhh)


it’s like… the bass and drums are like John McEntire vibes, but then you have those fresh, green, forest after an April shower guitars vibes over the top.

absolutely love it.


ahhh ffs thought it was new today



this is the best animal collective track in a minute


Yeah this is absolutely fantastic.

The Panda Bear album is growing on me, too.


I really like that Deakin album from a few years ago, never see it mentioned much


the deadpan response to this question killed me


Really enjoyed that. Have read countless interviews with him before and I think that’s the first time I ever heard his speaking voice!


I find him quite relaxing to listen to. seems like a cool guy