Animal Collective Thread (rolling)


Dean Blunt directed video for new Panda Bear single ‘Token’.

Video’s rubbish but the song is great and I am very happy to think of them as pals.


Show at Electric Brixton also announced for April 19th. I’ll probably see him again now that I know the Bouys songs. I do hate that venue however.


He’s played there the last few times he’s been to the UK. He must really like it/have a booker with connections there.

edit no, he played there in 2015 but it was the Electric Ballroom before that


I saw him at The Electric Ballroom. Was good :+1:

Unfortunately I am basically boycotting Brixton Electric these days after a run of gigs spolied by it being such a crap venue so probably won’t go to this :unamused:


Are there more panda bear songs like this? I’m not into the stuff that’s super all over the place.


Grim Reaper has quite a few. The one I mentioned above, Selfish Gene, is very…structured…compared to some of his stuff.


Here’s a few ‘simple’ PB songs that I love: