Animal Collective Thread (rolling)

Saw them at Glasto 2009 and they were amazing


The live album is a sack of bollocks. Sounds absolutely terrible. Removes anything that made the songs great on MPP.

yeah, same. that set at… EITS ATP I think? that was pure magic.


The 20 minute Lablakely Dress / Fireworks jam on this new’un is quite wonderful, I think

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Yup, EITS. My god that was an amazing weekend.


When they headlined the park stage? Yeah they were brilliant that evening, best I’ve seen them by a mile

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Definitely saw them at least once touring MPP and I don’t remember it being bad.

Primavera 2011 (testing out Centipede Hz material) on the other hand, christ…


Anyone want a MPP skateboard? Thought not.

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The pinnacle of the shiteness was surely the infamous Green Man headline set which literally cleared the field, and of a fairly open minded crowd. I saw them on the tour earlier that year in Bristol - March, I think? - and wasn’t a carcrash but was deffo disappointing.

I saw them three times on that tour and that Green Man car crash will always be the lasting memory. The other times I saw them were… OK, I guess? As a 20 year old mega fan I enjoyed them enough, but in hindsight they were pretty boring. Little crowd interaction, some basic visuals. Like, the biggest visual stimulant was the headlamp on Geologist’s head. Lots of songs that failed to hit the peaks of the albums. Meandering takes of tracks where the beat never dropped for no particular reason. Not sure I can think of many bands with a bigger disparity in the quality of their recorded output and their live shows than AC at their peak. Even the thrill of hearing them tear through new material was gone at that point, as they ditched that in favour of playing tracks from the last couple of albums.

Ignored their gigs for years afterwards, but caught them a few years ago at Primavera and thought there was a bit more to them then tbh.

Cannot fault these lads work ethic


They’ve ramped it up again. The early to mid 10s were a relatively lean period for the lads.

Yeah, the Painting With touring set up was alright. Just a shame that they refused to play any of their big songs. If they toured a set up like that and played a proper ‘greatest hits’ set then I reckon they would win a lot of people back on side.

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A big fat update including a new EP and renaming Here Comes The Indian!

Hello! We hope this finds you well out there! There’s been a lot simmering for us over the last few months. Our quarantining (some alone and some with our families) has made for some challenging but rewarding ways in which we have found to be creative. We’ve got some things to share tomorrow and wanted to let y’all know what’s happening first.

Tomorrow, we are releasing a new EP called Bridge to Quiet . During April and May, we took a look at some of our improvisations from 2019 and early 2020. We remixed them, collaged them, and built them into songs, finding our way to Bridge to Quiet . We hope you enjoy it! It was a fun and cathartic process, which has actually pushed us to start a new project in the same fashion.

Along with Bridge to Quiet , a large majority of our catalogue will be available on our new Bandcamp page as of tomorrow, Friday 7/3. All of our LPs will be there, as well as some deep cuts which haven’t been available digitally until now. However, with preparing our back catalogue for release, there are a few things we felt important to address and correct.

The first is the cover art for our People EP. There is no way to excuse using a “mammy" on our artwork, and so we have decided to remove it. We understand now that using a racist stereotype at all causes more damage than an explanation can repair, and we apologize. Moving forward, we will be donating a portion of our royalties from this record to the Equal Justice Initiative.

The second is our Meeting of the Waters EP. Brian and Dave recorded samples of the Tatuyo tribe in Brazil playing music for the Viceland program “Earthworks,” which were later incorporated into Meeting of the Waters . When we released MOTW on Record Store Day we arranged for portions of those sales to go to IDESAM. As we were guests in their world, we feel it is only right to continue to show our gratitude. Moving forward we will be donating a portion of our royalties from this record to Cultural Survival.

Finally, we have to address our LP Here Comes the Indian . With utmost respect to Indigenous people we feel that having the word Indian in our record title sends the wrong message by objectifying the American Indian people which is not what we were intending with the music. Because we have drawn countless inspiration from Indigenous people in America and around the world, moving forward, we will be donating a portion of our royalties from this record to Seeding Sovereignty, and changing the title to its original working title, Ark.

These changes will take effect in the coming days across all platforms.

So tomorrow, in the sprit of gratitude and support of the Black Lives Matter movement we will be splitting a donation of $10,000, along with all of the sales from our Bandcamp on 7/3, to the following organizations:

Cultural Survival
Equal Justice Initiative
Seeding Sovereignty
Southerners on New Ground (SONG)
The Okra Project

Thanks to everyone reading this for making all of this possible. The actions we are taking today are not the end of our commitment to address these issues. It’s our desire to stay engaged in the issues that surround us and we will continue to find ways we can engage and support.

Animal Collective


Eucalyptus, Meeting of the Waters, Homies, Cows, Bouys. Now Bridge of Quiet. Ridiculous consistency from them in the last few years. Self titled track on the EP is especially popping.

Good on the lads for making those artwork/title changes too.

Just DL’d Bridge to Quiet, rude not to if its for charity. Piggy Knows is ace and mad

Cool that they changed the People EP art. Wonder if they’ll change / remove Kids On Holiday from Sung Tongs for the use of the word “r***rd,” when you think about it that might have more potential to offend than the album title Here Comes The Indian. Given that this is the route they’re going down, I mean. Obviously it’s more difficult to alter a 16 year old recording than to change some album artwork I suppose

still haven’t listened to this live album but i remember hearing a live version of In The Flowers at the time that didn’t have any drums which kinda made it completely pointless, half the track builds up to the drums coming in! they didn’t play it when i saw them on the tour though which was probably for the best, i remember the rest of the set sounding pretty good at the time so i must give the live album a go eventually, even though i never listen to them anymore at all

Really enjoying this new EP. Not been this into an AnCo release for quite some time.