Animal Collective Thread (rolling)

There’s a really long version of Fireworks on that live album that’s absolutely brilliant, I keep going back to it.

Yeah I remember that being really good when I saw them, with bits of early songs interspersed into it

second this. fave new AC for ages. maybe since Fall Be Kind

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Yeah the new EP is good, love the first two tracks!

Yeah agree with this. Not quite with the narrative that they’ve been knocking it out the park the last couple of years. But slowly finding their feet as a band again? Sure.

woah, remember animal collective

they’re back, in pog form


Leading lights of the soundcloud rap scene

Geologist and Deakin? Is that the first release under the Animal Collective name without Avey and Panda Bear?

Pretty much! I think they’ve done one or two one-off soundtrack releases but never an album

Think they did Tangerine Reef without Panda but not sure Avey has sat one out before