Animal Collective Thread (rolling)


Try a Panda Bear solo album. Person Pitch is his sprawling masterpiece, but Tomboy and …Meets The Grim Reaper are a lot more song-based, which might make them a bit more accessible.

Also, if you’ve not listened to AC’s Merriweather Post Pavilion yet, you might like that!


The EPs that follow each album are always worth seeking out, aren’t they? Always gold to be found on them.


Terrible. Absolutely terrible.


Person Pitch is in my top 5 of all time I reckon. It’s absolutely faultless and bears(!!!) so many repeated listens.


I saw them at the Roundhouse on the Centipede Hz tour on November 5th 2012. I was convinced they’d play Fireworks to mark the occasion but they did’nae. Cracking show though.

Saw them at Field Day the following year and they were let down by the continuing FD problem of sound quality.


Yep! Lost counts of the number of times I’ve heard it but it still sounds quite unlike anything else. It’s still surprising.

The first time I ever heard Good Girl/Carrots was one of those rare “what the hell is this?” moments that music nerds live for.


Arrrgghh such a wasted opportunity!

The setlist for that show was still mint though:

Can you remember if it was Panda on drums for that show?


I remember them swapping around a fair bit but I think you’re right, I think he was behind the drums at some point.

Oh shit it was the day before Firework Night!


Did they ever play Father Time on the Centipede Hz tour? Love that one!


Ha, accidentally put the flame out on that anecdote, didn’t I?


Consider my chips doused in urine :fries: :sweat_drops:


Really recommend watching this lovely documentary about Avey and Geologist collecting their field recordings for the Meeting of the Waters EP:


That t-shirt!


Ha it’s brilliant, right? I did laugh at one point (I think its in the first episode) when their tour guide makes a comment about how a particular article of clothing Avey decided upon wearing might not be so suitable for the rain forest!


hi everybody ^ _ ^ I was mad irked at that poster who said that ‘Brother Sport’ was one of the most irritating songs ever in that shit thread. nice to see unabashed love for AC in June 2017 <3


At least they specified that it was “unintentionally” irritating. Maybe they acknowledge that it comes from a really good place?


the only person who’s irritating is the person who posted that the song is at all irritating.

(I’m sure the person is actually really nice)


(Most people are!!!)


Love AC but have only seen them once and did not enjoy it.

Still think they produced a serious run of magnificent albums. Cracking band.

Really enjoy the solo stuff. ‘Young Prayer’ is a beautiful record.