Animal Collective Thread (rolling)



YEEESSSSSS new Avey Tare/new Panda Bear is, at this point, far far better news than new Animal Collective for me. Both is a stupendous treat.


Saw them on the MPP tour and it was really good. Don’t think they’ve played near me since then but I’ve hardly listened to them since either for some reason. Was the last album any good?


Yeah I quite liked Painting With! It’s quite a hyperactive / frenetic but rather fun record. Though like with Centipede HZ, I don’t tend revisit it as often as their older material. Might put it on in a bit actually!


The latest EP was good/back to basics. Those last two albums suffer from horrible production if you ask me


Eucalyptus is out there in the wild for those of you without scruples.


Argh, temptation. Guilt.


Any good? Haven’t been fully on board with any of his solo albums to date tbh.



Aw, I really want to read that, but I’ve sworn to never read Stereogum again!


It’s a really good interview, I’d just pinch your nose and do it


Welp. Here goes nothing. Deep breath…


Yes, that was good. And that album cover! For some reason that’s the first time I’ve seen it!


Whatcha got against Stereogum 1982?


I’m not particularly keen on any music criticism these days, but stereogum feels like one of the most oppressively tedious sites out there. They combine the arch snobbery of the quietus with the pseudo-academic overthinking of tiny mix tapes with the dishonest poptimism of pitchfork. That’s to say that: all of these popstars they cover in EXTREME handwringing depth, well. Maybe they do honestly value and appreciate this music, but reading it I sometimes get the impression that they’re only following these paths because they feel they have to, rather than because they feel that this is the most exciting music there is at the moment. And that’s a matter of taste, yes: their taste not gelling with mine. But I hope you’ll agree that this is important when it comes to processing and assessing music criticism.

And then there’s the brutal snarkiness they dole out to any act that doesn’t meet their impossibly idealised standards - anything short of absolute perfection is simply unacceptable - and the clickbaity headlines atop vapid overlong articles, and the creepy veneration for the writers that you see in the comment sections… What’s that thing people say here? “not for me Clive.”


The comments section of every single article apears to be dominated by the same half a dozen commenters making tedious injokes and talking about the writer/artist as if they know them personally.

All that talking and analysis and they end up concluding The War on Drugs are the best band ever. Boring b*stards.


Owned by Billboard fwiw. So peddling middle of the road pop music is probably part of its MO.


I didn’t know that. We’re they acquired by billboard or set up by them? Because I would have thought that a site that takes its name from a song by air might be a bit more adventurous in its coverage.

Unless of course one considers air to be anodyne and MOR.


Acquired by. Conde Nast x Pitchfork situation. Happened some years back iirc


It’s like punk never happened etc