Animal Collective Thread (rolling)


Exactly this ^ and likewise I long ago gave up on using these sites (Stereogum, Pitchfork & The Quietus) for their reviews for many of the tedious and snarky reasons that you have already listed. Though because I don’t follow bands on forms of social media, so I do find that Stereogum, in particular, to be one of the better places for accumulating all of the news about upcoming singles / albums releases. I’m usually just scanning the articles for tour dates and Youtube links before getting on out of there!


The clickbait at the bottom of the Avey Tare interview was something else—
“Creepy things you didn’t know about [celebrity]”
“What [celebrity] is hoping you’ll never find out”
“We used to like [celebrity] until we learned these disgusting secrets”

That kind of shit shouldn’t be on any website with a modicum of self-respect.


I don’t know, you get that shit on The AV Club and I still think that’s a decent site on the whole.

As WizardLizard mentioned, Stereogum (like Pitchfork) is still worth scanning for new album news as it’s the best place for stuff like that



Three UK dates in November:


Darn! I don’t think I can make any of those!


It appears that tickets go on sale through Dice on the 14th at 10am - just as a heads up for anyone wanting to avoid booking fees £££


Really on board with Eucalyptus, it really washes over you, took a while to sink in but I think that’s just because it’s so serene


Avey Tare has cancelled his European shows :frowning:


Yeah I got a notification from Dice about this earlier. Had seen a few weeks ago, that a couple of his October dates had already been cancelled. I hope Dave’s okay! :confused:




Did anyone hear of any updates as to why Avey’s cancelled his upcoming tour?


Interesting, in that it’ll require a completely different live setup from what they’ve been doing since MPP. So truly does feel like a one off




Buying this will be £16, including postage, for five songs. Need to convince myself it’s either a great idea or a terrible one.


Ah, this makes me smile - really happy they can still do stuff like this after the barmy Painting With tour. Bring this to UK please!

Prospect Hummer :heart:


Panda Bear Manchester/London gigs in April


EP title is so cringe. Sometimes they don’t help themselves


I imagine at this point they know people who hate them will hate them anyway.