Animal Collective Thread (rolling)


Is there a presale for the UK dates?


There’s a Spotify one - code is flight



Booked! Thanking you


Celebrating getting tickets with a listen to Tomboiled


Saw Animal Collective on the Painting With tour and they were actually better than I had been led to believe by comments on these boards. What’s yer Panda man like solo? I do love …Vs. The Grim Reaper (and like Person Pitch) so this is tempting unless he’s absolute bobbins.


It’s pretty trippy and he usually has nice big visuals, but don’t expect any popstar choreography or crowd banter. He stands stock still for the entire show. I always enjoy seeing him live though.


Damn final song on the EP is a banger


@tattybye has nailed it, tbh. I’ve seen him twice - once at ATP where he came on stage and played almost entirely (as then) unreleased stuff, which wasn’t super refined and the lights weren’t too showy. And then once on the VS Grim Reaper tour, which was a lot better due to the practice/lights/atmosphere. Vibe wise, not too dissimilar to (recent) AC shows, really.


A friend of mine has pointed out how much Principe Real sounds like Moves Like Jagger and I can’t unhear it.


I’m a big fan of the lads, but it’s basically coming up to a dodgy decade from them now isn’t it? Tomboy and Grim Reaper were decent, there’s some low key ok bits and pieces like the Deakin thing and that EP from last year but basically since Fall Be Kind there’s a massive drop off in quality.


Yeah, liked a couple of tunes from Grim but as you say they’ve been struggling for a long time now.

Also just feel like generally this sound has gone massively out fashion (even within indie circles). I cringe a bit when i hear some of their stuff now, and even more so when i see the naff record covers and song titles.


They were amazing in that period before Strawberry Jam came out and they were starting to play “in the flowers” etc live. Might redownload some of the bootlegs


I think they’d probably have been better to retreat to doing weird folky stuff again. The bits in that vein (Meeting of the Waters, Sleep Cycle) have been better received. Instead they’ve largely doubled down on everything that people decided had become naff and embarrassing about their electronic music, made some awful production decisions, and didn’t even write the material to back it up. Painting With has some OK moments but at the same time it could practically be a parody record.

I also think that part of their charm was in how prolific they were. They released a fair few missteps during their peak, but something else interesting was only a few months away, rather than a few years to another probably dodgy record


We will always have Banshee Beat!


Is the Panda Bear EP out now? If so, is there anywhere to listen to it other than buying it on vinyl or dodgy rips?


I don’t believe so


Oh well, sorry PB


The Pitchfork video of them doing Feels in its entirety is brilliant – I hope it makes them consider having a go at doing something a bit more stripped back and folky again, somewhere between Person Pitch and Feels perhaps. I think they’ve possibly exhausted this whole sort of quirky electronic thing going off the last couple of albums.

I definitely haven’t written them off just yet.


there are full quality snippets here for anyone curious



Only one UK date though :frowning: