Animal Collective Thread (rolling)


This looks like a safe haven to talk about what a great album Painting With, is.

Without being laughed out of the thread…


I hope they play Floridada


I think being apart and getting older made it harder to be AnCo. like, at their heart, they were a band about exuberant youth and communal vibes. most everything since has felt kind of forced; there’s been a feeling of musical identity crisis.

with the exception of Noah’s stuff, obvs


Hell of a tune, that.

Must have been my most consecutive back-to-back playing song of 2016 for me.


It’s not “great” in my opinion, but is pretty good at the very least.

Vertical, The Burglars, Bagels in Kiev, and Golden Gal are all top tunes. The latter especially should be regarded as one of the best songs of their career. Yeah there is some fluff on the album but I think it was pretty unnfairly received on here


I have a spare for PB at Village Underground tonight if anyone needs? 20 quid.


Panda Bear was p. good last night in Manchester. almost all new stuff as far as I could tell, apart from ‘Drone’.

most of it was really good; beats hit with some force (not in an agressive or macho way, in a way that follows from what he’s done thus far in his solo career). really nice collisions of noisy and woozy.

lost me a bit towards the end - some of the tunes were a bit dull, melodically, without the choice of timbres making up for it.

overall tho, mint.

I mean… maybe would have been nice if he’d chucked in some reworked versions of classic tunes. encore was a bit odd - I think we all expected more familiar stuff at that point, but yeah, just the one old tune.


Absolutely cracking show at Village Underground tonight. Excellent mix of Grim Reaper, Homies and new material. Ending the initial set on Selfish Gene and a huge sonic bath of electronic drone was 10/10

Three song encore, the first two were new and sounded a little different to the Reaper/Homies zone he’s been in for a while. Looks like there might be a bit of a change in direction on the new album. I hope it’s out soonish as I really can’t want to hear those two songs again. Have only recently come round to how much of a banger Sunset is, capped off the evening perfectly.


FYI - selling a ticket for next week’s show at the Troxy!


1982!!! How are you doing man? Haven’t seen you on the boards in ages! Good to have you back - hope you’re well :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello WizardLizard! I am well.

It’s been nearly a year since I last logged in. What did I miss?


Very glad to hear buddy!

I couldn’t possibly sum up a years worth of DiS goings on but I can say that your friendly presence has certainly been missed! Hope to see you posting more regularly again. Welcome back!


Aw! I’m here to sell an Animal Collective ticket, but there’s a thread about video shops, so I can see myself sticking around for a while. It feels inevitable.


welcome back maaaan


Thank you and hello!


Things that go BUMP in the night!

I still have this ticket available if anybody wants it.

Yes, I’m quite aware of how pathetic I am, thank you very much.


Did anyone actually go to this show? I haven’t heard boo about it


I went to this! Thought it was really good; Panda Bear and Avey played the full album then two encores worth of deeper cuts. It was a completely different experience to the other time I saw Animal Collective - very stripped down obviously. They were both playing acoustic guitars. I’d assumed the other sounds on the album were made with all sorts of electronic doodahs but nope, it was just them making funny noises with their mouths. At one point, when they were making animal noises and strumming their guitars, it was hard to not think of Flight of the Conchords…


Avey Tare got the lads in for a remix E.P.

Particularly enjoy Deakin remix of Ms. Secret