Animal Collective Thread (rolling)


Ludicrously excited.


hair cutter kinda sounds like bog standard animal collective noodling to me


“Bog standard animal collective noodling” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> almost any other music.

Sorry, I’m pretty far gone.




Had very low hopes for this project from the press release and the preview track, but that reviewer clearly has very little time for the band


who are the 3 extra guys behind them, and how have they managed to look even more annoying than the band members?


A new generation of Animals!


Oh AS IF I’m reading that. Christ.


They’re either the marine biologists, or the film-makers, with whom they collaborated on this album.


Very much enjoyed this comment on the Animal Collective subreddit:


I couldn’t make it through Painting With. Too irritating.


A lot of people seem to dislike that one. I can’t understand it - I find it VERY compelling! But as I said above, I’m pretty far gone.


Think I just went off them a bit a few years ago and I’m not entirely sure why. Just started finding them quite annoying. Strawberry Jam is still good though


Think the last two albums were so annoying it’s retrospectively discoloured some of their best stuff for me, which is a shame. Loved everything up to and including Merriweather Post Pavilion but I don’t think that album ages very well tbh.

Really like No More Runnin still tbh. That terrible NME review makes the new one sounds like a collagey album in that ilk though, which could be up my street.

Not listened to Strawberry Jam in years and years. Interested to see how I’d find it now. Remember loving how abrasive the production was when I was 17 but I could see it grating now. Might blast For Reverend Green and see


Hot take: In hindsight I think Spirit They’re Gone Spirit They’ve Vanished is both their best album and their lightning in a bottle genius moment. Think it might well end up out living the rest of their catalogue


pretty much everything up to and including Fall Be Kind is still classic. they’re so much better than they’re given credit for being; they would be properly revered if their golden period was a decade prior to the internet hype machine thing


Meant to say What Would I Want Sky? especially is a bloody incredible song and still holds up well


spelt Danse Manatee wrong m9


Now there’s a properly hot take


I adore that EP. there’s an at-a-loss tourbus dazed dreaminess to it that’s unique amongst their back catalogue, I reckon.