Animal Collective Thread (rolling)


yeah. when they’d released MPP and Fall Be Kind, that arc was complete. where were they supposed to go after that without losing something of what made them special?

plus, in terms of the interpersonal dynamic of the band, they were pulling their own seperate ways too.

it isn’t as if there was no new ground left to explore, no more synthesis of ideas to be done, no more new ways to express themselves, no more ideas to explore lyrically… it just stopped making sense for them to be a band at that point.


Having now listened to Tangerine Reef I can see that the NME reviewer clearly made the mistake of thinking of this as their next proper studio album, when it’s much more of a little experimental aside. Very much continues on from Meeting of the Waters and Eucalyptus.


Oh brilliant, cannot get enough of Eucalyptus.


just listened to ‘Kinda Bonkers’ for the first time (hadn’t bothered with much of the recentish stuff) and I completely love it and wonder if maybe they’re not a spent force.


Floridada was a banger too and I was actually excited for Painting With but meh


Floridada is catchy and annoying at the same time. i’ve never been able to decide if it’s pretty good or absolutely shit.

i don’t remember Centipede Hz being that bad tbh. i was underwhelmed by it more because i’d lost interest in them and couldn’t be bothered with it but i don’t remember it being actively bad or particularly annoying. i remember really liking Today’s Supernatural and not caring about much else on it, but didn’t have to turn it off after a couple of songs like i did with Painting With.

haven’t tried to listen to it in ages though so maybe it’s worse than i remember


Always thought Amanita from Centipede Hz was a banger:


I like this one - the main riff sounds to me like it’s played on glowing crystals:

This one’s wonderful too:


Applesauce is good.



Where should I start with these guys? What’s the most accessible album?


Merriweather Post Pavilion (most accessible). then Strawberry Jam (the best).

increasingly unsure if the rest is worth bothering with really but if you like those two and want more then go for Feels after that


Imagine not recommending feels ffs


Feels / Merriweather / Strawberry Jam would be my go-to first albums to dive into, they’re all amazing. Then explore the rest, where you’ll also fine some lesser gems.


I’d argue Sung Tongs is amazing too. Anyone wanting to get into AC should also check out Panda Bear’s solo stuff


A lot of it is really annoying in retrospect


Have never really liked anything beyond the first 2 tracks


‘Strawberry Jam’ is the best thing they ever made.




The new songs he played live earlier this year were great. Don’t love this on first listen (the water drop effect is a little annoying) but I am still really excited. Quite a shift in singing approach for him.

Love the artwork, can’t wait to order the arbitrary expensive deluxe vinyl version like I do with all AnCo albums.