Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Discuss your island paradise here


I thought it was out on Friday

Never properly played but i love that little frog that sings depressing songs on his boat, top 10 frogs


I’m going to get really in to interior design in this one, can’t wait to share my house in here

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Never played Animal Crossing before but I’m excited to board the deserted island getaway package tomorrow morning!


I am very excited to wake up tomorrow and get going.

I don’t need actual friends to also be playing this game do I? Can be a solo experience as I understand?

Yeah, you can do everything solo.

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No dispatch notification from Amazon yet, tempted to cancel and go digital

Hang on, is this not a livestock selective breeding simulator then?

This is urgent, I might have a pre-order to cancel.

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Island paradise? No fucking mice or cats. Bring on the frogs and crocs

In stock at CEX this afternoon, so I’ve got my order in.

Only £106.99 left to spend before March 3020.

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I am a cherry island and KK Slider told me to make some friends. It’s Animal Crossing!

It’s really pretty too, it always looked nice because of the art style but this is lovely. Looking forward to chilling out with it post-work.

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Going to wait until lunchtime to start :grimacing:. Still deciding what to call my island. It’s very important business.

Yeah I was stressing out and my partner just said “just choose whatever”. We are Cool Cove, not amazing but I can deal with it.

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Yeah. Stops really mattering. My 3DS town was called Chip Shop. Think my GameCube one was Narnia.

Great the game hasn’t arrived yet and I’m already stressing about what to call my island