Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I have everything except the Cicada Shell. Never even seen one to attempt to catch it, all day and any weather my ass!


My money hole was really awkwardly positioned next to the Bumstock portaloos, so I moved them to back onto the back of Rodney’s house. Fucking Rodney.

Suddenly it’s spring!

You can now collect acorns and pine cones!

Dr Mrs Epimer had the opportunity to take in a kangaroo villager with a baby kangaroo in her pouch and she said no and I’m furious with her

The Blathers amiibo is 7 quid on Am**on if anyone wants a pointless bit of plastic…

I have been trying to get rid of that villager for months. Sylvia was one of the original ones that moved in on my island so still has the basic house setup instead of her proper one. I’ve turned her front yard into a trash dump and ignored her for the last couple of months but she just wont budge.

When on earth will they give us sharps/flats in our island theme. So limited.

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oh no



what the FUCK

It’s that brain training guy, no?

oh my god I’ve abandoned this for months and I’ve just decided to start playing again, what’s new??

You can walk into the sea now if you’ve got a wetsuit.

There’s someone who visits your secret beach to sell art that may or may not be genuine.

If you shake trees you can get acorns or pine cones.

You’ll have to get rid of cockroaches in your house

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