Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Ok THIS is the happiest day of my life

Bye Rodney. Hope your plane does a Farage into the fucking sea.


Did you get zombified during Halloween?

I got painted purple at Halloween then decided I wanted to be green

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popping this here as any LoTR post is easy likes


Oh god the Turkey Day chef is a turkey. Can’t deal with the levels of horror inherent in that.


It’s a day to celebrate turkeys, not eat them!

Potato, potato

Can’t believe my villagers are celebrating a colonial holiday, I raised them better than that.


Uh-oh. Now locked in Cherry’s basement with the turkey chef.

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the word is on the street that the fire in your heart is out

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Got another @Epimer reject moving in. Agnes.

Anyone got a green pumpkin they can send me? Or one of those crabs for that matter.

I like Agnes. She broke my heart.

I’ll send you some pumpkins. Any other colours?

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No, got the others, thank you.

In the post :+1:

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All this seafood looks fucking DISGUSTEN

Stupid lazy turkey asking me to go get you some pumpkins when you are standing right next to them!