Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It arrived! Thanks for sharing the link! :grin:

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Are the voice sound effects the same ones from Mario Odyssey?

Only went and caught a bloody football fish didn’t I


Caught myself one of these today and scared the crap out of me landing it



For reference I’ve started playing and don’t know what I’m doing but it’s £10 cheaper if you want a download.

They’re really annoying anyway

:ghost: yikes!



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There really is a magical money tree!


Planted mine today. Austerity is OVER on Bumsnog


Ooooh, how? Plant some money I guess?

If you see a patch of ground glowing and dig up a bag of bells, plant them back in the same hole.


Has anyone got any good general tips for playing? The ones I’ve come across at the moment:

  • Tap A when the crafting animation is going to speed it up (please let me craft multiple things in a patch!)

  • Carry the workbench with you if you want to get all the wood from your trees on the island, means you can create new axes as you go along.

  • Sometimes when you are walking around you hear a buzzing bug sound, like a cicada. Try digging where it seems loudest and you may find an underground bug for your collection.

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Those underground bugs wind me up! Find it difficult to pinpoint where they are coming from… and then when I dig them out, the run off while I’m faffing with my net.



I try and buy everything I can that’s new in the shops, even if I just sell them straight back at a bit of a loss - that way they’re available in my catalogue if I want/need them.

Some furniture pieces form part of a set - decorating rooms with complete sets can generate higher scores from the Happy Home Academy (as can following some arcane Feng Shui nonsense that my wife tried to explain to me once, but I didn’t pay attention).

Be sure to make a wish if you see a shooting star by pressing A

Plant lots of flowers for more bugs. I tend to plant different coloured clusters of the same species with gaps around them which sometimes leads to new colours growing around the patch

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Chop down a tree but leave the stump. Certain bugs only appear on tree stumps.

Sure you can try and decorate your house properly or you can put your giant Moai head next to your pedalboard and flamingo statue


dunno what they are but is it possible to catch those tiny little bugs you get on the rocks by the sea? seem to scatter before you get close enough