Animal Improvements


Hello friends. This is a thread about ways in which we can improve animals by adding features (?) that exist elsewhere in the animal world. For example, maybe giving an eagle a trunk instead of a beak would be fun?

Side question, do you think ‘features’ was the correct word to use for what I’m trying to describe here?

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Seeing as it has to be existing animal specs, I would like to change my elephants with lasers suggestion to elephants that can breathe fire (like dragons).


i would give man, the most dangerous animal of all, more capacity for empathy


give bees guns


cats should be able to shrug



Bees should have a kangaroo-style pouch in order to carry more pollen.


agreed. they can sigh. a shrug would be such a good addition to a sigh


FTFY you


how sure are we that they can’t?


Spherical cows


one that can stand on its back legs conceivably could




I reckon giraffes would be awesome if they had big fluffy lion manes


dogs that can make toasties


rabbits should be the size of a horse


Goats with giraffe necks. Make it a bit easier for these fellas:


Wonderful idea, wonderful sentiment, wonderful post. Thank you.


I was going to suggest dogs should have wings, because can you imagine how happy they’d look?

But then I thought about all the shitting they’d do and now will not be going ahead with this suggestion.