Animal Job Suggestions

Just checking that you’d thought it through


Penguins- snooty waiters

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dolphin lifeguards please

A remake of Baywatch with dolphins? Is that what you want?

Elephants - driving instructors

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“When I slap the dashboard with my trunk, I want you to perform an emergency stop”

“Okay, the gearstick is just- sorry, I’ll move, it’s under- hang on I’ll get out and back in, see if that’s the problem”


elephants would be firefighters

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Actually that’s much more sensible, yes.

Monkey chauffeur

Ostrich : Can Can dancers.


A big round of aclaws for the front line crab workers, keeping our streets clean.

A million monkeys: playwrights

Gorillas and bears would be quite good bin people IMO. Strong, seem to enjoy lifting and throwing.


Think more fish should be doing stuff under the sea tbh. Not sure what exactly but they’re taking the piss a bit. Not adding much to society are they.


Hyenas - sitcom studio audience


They could be taking post across the sea. If they’re heading that way already.

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Exactly!! And bigger fish such as dolphins can do parcels.
Pull your fingers out, fish!

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All these microscopic bugs that supposedly live on us could do a bit of a better job of keeping us clean. Eat the dirt under my fingernail you ingrates

Woodpeckers could work in coffee shops/smoothie bars, pressing the buttons on and off.