Animal Memory

elephants > dogs > wasps


Can’t fault this thread so far

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you can take any japes™ thread to the bank.

and CASH IT.

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Bit like celery though

where would you put dolphins

I’d leave them in the ocean where they live japes you monster


This thread better not get more replies than my one. My one is a good one just posted at the wrong time and by the wrong person.

wasps never forget

chimp > cat > squirrel

that’s why people say things like “I’m like a wasp me, I never forget”

> goldfish

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dunno man, they squirrels can mind where they put nuts months ago eh. that’s pretty impressive.

I thought they forgot where they left some of them and that’s how we got trees?

Mind, the cat used to come in coz it were raining out the front and then wanted to leave check the back door to see if it were raining. Did he forget it was raining while in transit? Did he not understand the concepts of outdoors and indoors, assuming all doors were magical portals?

I hope this thread brings some answers.

(Chimps > Squirrels > Cats)*

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I feel that we still have much to learn about fungi.

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my cat also does this, then looks at me in an offended manner as though i should have prevented the situation somehow