Animal Well

Gonna buy this on Switch today and then chat about it in here


it’s good. i’m a good ways in, have fought a couple of bosses. enjoyable and inventive puzzles and gameplay quirks. not quite as original as i was hoping for so far but definitely a cut above your average metroidvania. keep seeing hints online that there’s more to it than meets the eye as well so should probably hold my tongue til i’m further in.

I think I’m about halfway to the credits (which I don’t think is the actual end, but I’m trying to avoid too many spoilers). Really love it so far. Looks beautiful, the sound design is great, and it has the most interesting abilities of any Metroidvania I’ve played for ages.

Also love a game like this not having combat as a primary mechanic.

Excited to see more of it! Once I work out where I neee to go next…

I’m enjoying it but I kind of wish I hadn’t read all the reviews banging on about how it’s the best game ever and that, because it’s made me resent it a little bit. It’s a decent Metroidvania. It’s very pretty. It’s not the second coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in video game form. £20 is maybe a bit steep.

enjoying this so far, liking the overall style/vibe and it’s got a good “I’ll just do this next bit then finish up… well I might as well go up here now… and now I’ve done that I should go do this…” kind of thing that kept me busy for a good chunk of this afternoon.

good thing that dying doesn’t (seem to at least) have any real downsides cos I have died a lot. not as good at the old platforming as I used to be :sweat_smile:

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Word of warning: while there’s no real consequence for dying beyond respawning, respawning does not save your game.

Like, if you unlock a bunch of stuff, then die, then respawn, it will look like that stuff is still unlocked, but the game won’t be saved unless you explicitly choose to save at that point. If you quit straight out without saving, when you reload, you’ll be back to where you were before.

I lost about half an hour’s progress because I didn’t save when I finished playing last night - I’d died and respawned, assumed it was saved because I was at a telephone, so just quit the game. This morning, reloaded and I’d lost the last thing I unlocked and had to redo a whole bunch of fiddly platforming.

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not much use to you now but it does say ‘x minutes since last save’ when you pause :face_with_peeking_eye:

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has anyone done this room?

i’ve done it now but felt like i cheesed it honestly. dropped slink at the right, ran back dropped slink on the switch, used yoyo to distract while bareyl squeezing through. wondering if there’s a much more obvious way.

Think I did something similar. Drop the slinky to the far right to distract them, then run left & drop it down the stairs, then leg it back over & distract them again with the yo-yo to get through the second block..

In general I’ve found a few puzzles where I feel like I’m somehow taking advantage of systemic interactions in non-intended ways, but I think that might just be part of the game’s puzzle design?

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yeah same here, been using a lot of bubble jump cheese to get places i dunno if intended but hasn’t harmed me so far.

boss number 3 down. in a lot of cases i feel like i’ve done all the work to get to the boss and then proceed to get lost for another 2 horus before completing the section.

is it just me or is the fast travel system confusing as hell lol

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Will give it a go as I like my puzzle games and platformers but I’m shit at both so don’t expect to get far.

That’s exactly how I did it.

I have only just found the item for this after 15 hours gameplay (have been going back and forth all over the map trying to find places I have missed), but you can replace this with cheesing with the Frisbee instead for me.

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haha woah! that’s like an entirely different game for me. i just ‘solved’ a puzzle i’ve been stuck on for hours and it wasn’t even a puzzle, just a basic bit of platforming i hadn’t understood properly :man_facepalming:

think i’ve just reached the ‘final’ area. anyone know how it works in regards to finishing the game or if you can keep playing to 100%? drop the intel in here if you figure it out.

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lol nevermind i figured this out a couple minutes later

the game keeps going after the credits

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sorry, what


hmm maybe i shoulda spoilered that :eyes:

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fuck yes, i;m in. starting tonight and hyped

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How many hours did it take roughly?