Animal Well

about 8 hours i reckon, reckon i spent a good hour or two of that completely lost as well or going round in circles, got loooooads to do in post game as well it seems like. think you could finish it in 6 if you rushed it or take 20 hours if you explored and tried to solve every puzzle.

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Bought it this morning. Enjoying it so far but already had a few bits that were just too fidgety to stay on the right side of annoying.

I see Limmy’s playing it on twitch atm

A game that actually uses the ps5 controller sound effects!! That’s a plus

sounds like the sort of thing that would annoy me tae feck so i’m oot

picking away at the post game

i’m close eonugh that i want to 100% it but fear i’ve already found something missable that i should have done earlier :cry: getting down to the point where i’m scrubbing hard for ages to find tiny little secrets wahh


it wasnt missable :angel:

Had the credits roll at lunch time. Now to scoop up what I can in post game.

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That fucking Ostrich will be haunting my dreams tonight


have done three bosses now, enjoying it so far.

feel like I should have been using the stamps on my map a bit better cos I have lots of question marks dotted around but don’t remember what they are for, bit annoying to go all the way to some random room to then find it’s a locked door and I have no key :smiley:

related: getting the pencil has helped cos I can then write stuff to give more info, like the circular recesses that i’ve found but don’t know what to do with them yet…

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So much this, I never really bother in games but always end up regretting it. Protip for mid/late game-rs for the love of god mark the animal head warp points it will save you so much time.


I finished* this last night. Solved all the major puzzles and got down to less than 10 eggs to find and just looked up the last few. Glad I did tbh coz i was never gonna find those last 5 or so. Found backtracking endlessly across the map looking for a couple of out of place pixels had just became too laborious by the end. Got the true ending and that’ll do pig, that’ll do.

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I am getting closer to this. Still have a gap in my inventory so there is one more item I need to find and (hopefully) it’s the one that will allow me to get to some chests or areas that I can see but have no idea how to get to yet. Finding the Spinning Top was good but very annoying to have to now backtrack through every room looking for areas that might break with it.


That was one of the worst aspects for me, even when you know to look for them they’re still difficult to spot.


I’ve just unlocked the yoyo, done a few things with it but nothing that’s unlocked a major new area, just a few extra screens here and there. Any gentle hints?

I remember passing something tagged “circular shaped hole” recently enough, maybe I need to do something with that

Hmmm rewrite to be more vague lol

Its more of a general item than a key item, a bit more useful for awkward shaped things and packs more of a wallop than other items.

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Talk of bosses, I assume the big Hausu cat that chased me for the frisbee is a boss, but once I replaced it, the cat hasn’t come back. Should I have found a boss by now? Would say I’m about five hours in.


done the fourth boss, gone on from there and got stuck in this room

am I missing something obvious or am I meant to

use the slinky on the very right, when the block moves up go through, then drop to the bottom, use the disc which will get blown upwards, then use the wand to somehow climb back up again to the trap door before the disc gets that high and then drop down, and then possibly use the yo yo to press the button on the bottom left?

cos if so I don’t think I’m actually going to be able to do that :smiley:

edit: did it


yeah that room was hell but at least they go easy on you on the last switch. so many rooms that were ‘fuck off, i’m not doing that!! and then do it 3 tries later’

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Just found the slinky and life is good. Guess I should have found it earlier but at least I’m in new areas now.


got the old credits to pop up last night, so will start having a look for the rest of the eggs and other bits and pieces. will probably use a guide or look some stuff up though if/when I can’t figure it out, think that’s fair enough post game imo.

overall definitely enjoyed it, good look and vibe to it, felt quite rewarding when e.g. I figured out a room that was stumping me for ages, and given I got it for “free” on PS Plus can’t complain at all.

boggles my mind that one guy made it. same with Balatro too.

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