Animals by Pink Floyd is a great album




Animals by Pink Floyd is the best album. I will die on this hill with pride.


I agree with this statment


Underrated and that’s crazy considering it’s a Pink Floyd record.


They could have sang about a bigger range of animals though, to be fair.


Hhmmm- I recently gave it another listen as so many people rave about it. Still think it’s not a patch on DSOTM or WYWH.


Of course it is. Who said it wasn’t?


Agreed. It’s absolutely seething though.


Very different to both. There are very few tracks that do contempt quite as viscerally as Pigs (three different ones).

I love all three though.


You, everyday


Yup, it really is


Would be odd not to.


Pretty farm-y. Cop out, tbh.


It was released at a time when they were becoming outdated, the Punk movement and all, as such it feels a bit stale and out of time. It’s a good album though but tainted. Somehow The Wall, their next album embraces Punk, even if not in sound.


it is.

Obscured By Clouds and Atom Heart Mother are not far behind though.


Always found Obscured a bit half assed - of all their albums it’s the one I probably play least. Maybe I’ll give it another go.

Atom Heart Mother though…