Animals in your house that you didn't invite


Found these two next to my desk today sneaky fuckers.

A cat came in when we were watching Westworld the other day, ran away when I went to stroke it.



Fuck yeah!

What country do you live in to get those beauties!?


Where do you live?


Australia terrifies me.

This was re-tweeted into my timeline today:




Was hoping you’d say “wales” or something. No chance of going to Austria any time soon.





This guy casually strolled in to my house last Sunday


King of miss this big lad letting himself into our house whenever he feels like it but he hated our dog so fair play


Went away for 2 weeks and left my window open


Could argue by leaving my window open I did kind of invite them


That is unfortunate, why was the window left open?


Was in the middle of renovating the flat and it was a top floor one, so I had a window open to let the fumes of the paint etc out. It was in a room I hardly went into so forgot to close it and result in in Pigeon World developing in my absence


Still probably more fun than M&M World


oh great, another thread of people posting pictures of their pets!!11


my neighnbours dog sauntered in the other day as i’d left the dorr open whilst taking the bins out, while he was invited he was still most welcome


Had a wasp in the kitchen the other day, pretty hardcore a wasp to be alive in September. In a former place a cat turned up and stayed for 3 years


I’ll accept anecdotes and vermin also


What about while he wasn’t invited?