Animals you have patted


I’ve punched a turtle

Nice :+1:

I like being patted



Was staying in an Airbnb for work a few months ago and the guy’s tortoise woke up from hibernation so I spent all evening sorting him out with a bath.

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You put reptile so you covered it. I have patted a snake so chose reptile.

I have ridden an elephant and a camel and assume I patted both. I’ve also patted a chinchilla, a donkey, a polecat, and obviously a frog. Various bird species too.

Not sure about the farmyard animals or llamas etc, probably have though. Think I’ve also patted a ferret?

Was my nickname at school. Feel free.


But what about the tortoise?


Yeah but I’d imagine it might be a goat-to-goat circumstance, as it were.

I live round the corner from Marwell Zoo and have a pass, if anyone has any specific patting requests.

@Lo-Pan why have you never touched a dog

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you patted a monkey?

he clapped it he didnae pat it


I believe the scientific term is spank.

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koala bear is probably my most impressive

unless someone can confirm that clapped is scotch for pat in the same way that coupon means face, im not having this

Because I don’t know how to work polls properly :grinning:

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Not even a real bear :-1:

So bear, so far

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