animals you love or hate

Despise flies and midges (why yes, I am moving to the Scottish Highlands/islands, why do you ask?)

Not really a fan of most insects but can broadly cope as long as they stay off me when gardening (love bumblebees though and other pretty insects so long as I’m outside)

Fish I don’t particularly worry about, because you would have to make an active effort to have any interactions with them.

All mammals are great I think? Idk maybe there’s some obscure ones that aren’t.

They enter through the gills and then eat the tongue and then replace it as an active working tongue! Nature is so cool!

Body impossible to get rid of too which makes them especially annoying. And always keen to land on you. At least spiders are quiet and tend to stay out of the way. Flies could learn a thing or two.

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And so LOUD. And it’s not a nice buzzing sound like bees make, it’s so high pitched and aggravating :confounded:

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Horses scare me, mostly because I associate them with cops and Tories.


Donkeys are infinitely better.


Where are the polls??

(Probably best if they are anonymous)

Abolish anonymous polls

I’ve never seen a cop on a horse, so that’s round one to the donkeys

I kind of want a croft so I could have rescue donkeys but then you’d need a trailer for them which sounds scary and I’m not sure rescue places would be okay with ferry travel. Just love donkeys so much look at them they’re perfect

I’d quite like goats as well I think.



  • The very best the animal world has to offer
  • Lovely creatures
  • Indifferent
  • I actively dislike donkeys

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There is only room for one best animal and it bobs around in water eating peas

Donkeys and goats are two of the absolute best

There were 3 small and soft goats in a field near me until very recently. I had befriended them and given them names, I would pick dandelions from the other side of the path where they couldn’t get to and feed them. They let me scratch their little heads.

They’ve not been there for the past few weeks and I sincerely hope they are ok


Love: Mothra
Hate: moths


Especially good: Cats, lizards, turtles and tortoises, otters, deer

For me, no: overly hench dogs with empty shark eyes, macaques, slugs

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Bloody love a donkey.

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Oh I quite hate moose actually. Too big. Weird legs. Give me the heebie jeebies

Love: dogs, otters, hamsters, squirrels (esp flying squirrels), seals

Hate: flies, wasps, slugs

Fuzzock is an old Yorkshire word for donkey.


Never Mind The Fuzzocks

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