Animals You Want To Hug


I’ve never wanted to hug a cow before.

I totally want to now.


I’d love to hug one of the daft ginger Scottish ones with the silly fringes. Especially if it’s a calf.


Cows are very sweet animals <333

I want to hug a donkey. My mum wants to start a donkey sanctuary back home, can’t wait to hug all the donkeys






I’m a bit worried about your username, in the circumstances.


The donkey is doing the soapstar expression of hugging someone but thinking about something else


They’re going to have a conversation with someone with their back to them and looking out of a window next.


Will probably get up to leave and we’ll see they’ve left their phone on the table and it’s ringing but it’s on silent.


@casinobay 's alpacas


Less keen on this one but I see the appeal



Great fluffy huggable cow