Animation thread

Seen any nice animated films / tv shows / shorts / visual art lately?
talk about that in here if you like. weird and obscure stuff encouraged

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I wanna work my way through more of the GKIDS stuff.

saw This Magnificent Cake last year and thought it was excellent

Wolfwalkers is also real good, think it was the last thing I saw in the cinema actually

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this is also cool, about background design in Tomm Moore’s other films

post good youtube videos about animation here too

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Love some animation. Here’s some stuff

Go back to Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared quite often

World of Tomorrow 1 & 2 are sublime.

I LOVED this when it came out but I’m too scared to watch it again in case it’s studenty rubbish. It’s by David O’Reilly and Adam Buxton is in it iirc

A Town Called Panic is maybe the most I’ve laughed at a film

Alice (1988), a Czech version of Alice in Wonderland has some of the creepiest animation I’ve ever seen, gave me the willies

Tower (2016) was great- the whole thing is on youtube. Rotascope turns me off generally but it worked so well, quite like the idea of animated reconstruction. Still felt as raw and upsetting as it would’ve been in live action.

Mary and Max is another one that I haven’t gone back to, a) because it made me really sad and b) i’m worried it’s not as good as I remembered


Some other stuff that wasn’t from the big studios that I enjoyed: Kubo and the Two Strings, When the Wind Blows, The Adventures of Prince Ahmed (will post some screenies in the cinematography thread actually), Fantastic Planet.

Ernest & Celestine is maybe the most charming film I’ve ever seen

Stop-motion was my THING when I was young. Completely obsessed with Wallace & Gromit and Morph and the like. Some short films along those lines:

More (1998), mainly stop motion but other styles too. Reaaaally depressing

Harvey Krumpet (2003)

Adagio (2000)

Then some sad and wistful stuff…

The Man Who Planted Tress is beautiful:

Tsumiki No Ie is unreal. The first comment on Youtube nails it, it’s astonishing how much it does in 12 minutes.

PS. Brakhage can fuck off


I liked Mary and Max a lot too

have you watched Undone, the tv series? that also uses rotoscope, it’s quite unsettling but so is the story so it works really well

yknow what else is great, Tom & Jerry. This is my favourite episode:

Tom is such a jerk.

Oh and one more creepy short:

Balance (1989)

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Oh that looks really good! But it suffers from the same problem as all rotoscope, it makes me feel a bit queasy. Not sure I could watch 8 episodes of it. Will probably give it a look anyway, looks like my kind of thing.

I watched The Man Who Planted Trees this morning! found it v wholesome, love how it looks with the pastel and how it’s constantly moving. Christopher Plummer narration is v ASMRy

also agree that Ernest & Celestine is lovely & Fantastic Planet. watched Kubo & The Two Strings too but can’t remember much about it. will check out the others thanks

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Wholesome is exactly the word.

You’ve reminded me that I still haven’t seen My Life as a Courgette, will rectify that.

it’s great

I follow Andrea Love in Instagram - she makes amazing stop motion animation with felt.


love stuff like this.

marvelled at this for years:


That’s ace. Just made me remember Jan Svankmajer:

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already mentioned him up thread with Alice (1988)- creepy as hell. A real master.

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His version of Faust is amazing

Nice. Will add that and Alice to the watch list. Only feature length thing I’ve seen of his was Little Otik, about a couple raising a log as baby. That was an odd one.


Some recommendations from me

(Think this one was loads of paintings on glass)

(Very dark and themes of paedophilia and rape)


:heart: An animation thread! :heart:

I think quite comfortably my favourite short of the last decade would be The Burden by Niki Lindroth von Bahr. It’s only available VOD, but if you haven’t seen it and like the other stuff posted in here, treat yourself!

Other contemporary favourites that are available for free would be:
The Eagleman Stag - Mikey Please (2011)
Scavengers - Joseph Bennett, Charles Huettner (2016)
The Making Of Longbird - Will Anderson (2011)


Scavengers was wild. Will try to watch the rest too!