Anime for beginners

gotta watch 'em all



some ppl on another forum said NGE is most definitely not an anime for someone who isn’t familiar with anime, but I quite enjoyed it soooo I have no authority on the subject

rlly want to watch Akira and Ghost in the Shell tho


I’m a sucker for the Shonen Jump stuff like One Piece and Naruto. One Piece in particular has a lot of charm and is very idiosyncratic, some great emotional depth at points and is reasonably consistent over the ridiculous number of episodes they’ve had (bit of an undertaking though). If you like silly and light-hearted stuff then My Hero Academia is pretty good. One Punch Man is extremely good as well, awesome premise that’s very well executed.

If you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated, the recent version of Full Metal Alchemist is very good. I’ve enjoyed Attack on Titan a lot so far. Samurai Champloo was very good. Deathnote is a classic. Neon Genesis Evangelion recently came onto Netflix. Cowboy Bebop, as mentioned, is excellent. As far as films go you can’t go wrong with Studio Ghibli (Nausicaa and Princess Mononoke are my favourites), and Grave of the Fireflies and Akira are both musts. I also enjoyed the Girl Who Lept Through Time when I watched it a good while ago.

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As far as Netflix goes Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is very much worth your time, and one of the few examples imo where the dub is actually better than the subtitled version for voice acting.

Death Note is woefully misogynistic but quite good fun (for the first half at least) if you can get past that. (let’s be honest, if you can’t get past it at all anime is going to be difficult)

As far as things not on Netflix that you may be able to source by one means or another (including Netflix in other countries)…

Natsume’s Book of Friends is my absolute favourite series. It’s a very gentle and kindhearted episodic series about a boy who can see yokai. Makes me feel very warm and fuzzy inside (although can also be very sad). Beautiful soundtrack. Think it would be flat out impossible to dislike it.

Mushishi is story of similar to the above in that it’s based on Japanese folklore, but it’s more serious.

Kino’s Journey probably fits broadly into the type above, and is about a girl who travels to very different, quite messed up, places. Again despite dark themes it’s a pretty gentle watch.

For something very different to the above, try Baccano. It’s a completely absurd series about immortal people in early twentieth century New York. Grotesquely violent, time line hops about constantly, utterly mad, but quite good fun and another one which is better to watch the dubbed version.

I remember liking Gankutsuou (a very odd adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo) at the time, but I never rewatched it so don’t hold me to it being good.

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Watch Neon Genesis Evangelion then come and document your brain’s disintegration in our welcoming thread:

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Also Baccano! has one of the best opening credits sequences

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cowboy bebop and one punch man are the only ones I’ve watched (both v good)

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Natsume’s Book of Friends
(openings aren’t very strong for Natsume tbh)

Just remembered Funimation have lots of full series on YouTube, including Mushishi. They have Nabari no Ou which I really like as well (though it’s fairly heavy on some anime tropes). Last Exile too, that might be worth checking out. Oooh, and Gankutsuou, so I guess I’ll rewatch that now! HOLY shit, X?! I’m straight on that.

Some more OPs

Last Exile


Nabari no Ou

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Well this sounds excellent.

This also


Lots of good stuff already mentioned.
For all the fam and not ghibli: wolf children, the girl who leapt through time, summer wars.
For us ‘grownups’ I’m amazed no one said the followin yet:
Attack on Titan
First of the North star
Ghost In The Shell


Think you’d love them both! Natsume is probably the one thing I’m still a sticker for buying merchandising for :flushed:

Seems you can watch the first series for free here?



You take that back!


He mentioned Attack on Titan before you did

And you mentioned it after me.
It’s all good :+1:

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Dragon Ball (of the Z variety at least) is pretty kid-friendly? Must have been no more than eight when I started watching it.

Attack on Titan: All you need to know

It is very child friendly however I think its actually better going back to it as an adult

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